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Small icon thingy for my twitter :3
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Smile like you mean it.
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Hangin out with the new roomie
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Because walking around the house in a dress for absolutely no reason is the best!
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I'm still working on the jacket but this is my first cosplay I'm showing my tummy and I'm honestly very excited.
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Oxygen tube finally removed. Just one more step towards getting out of here.
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my entire college experience summed up in one picture.. aka i have a paper due and i'm just playing Dragon Age instead of starting it...
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This is Chuck, my Jack-O-Lantern for 2014
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Silvia Lumiere's Little Sister, Aurelia Lumiere
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Late night boredom leads to makeshift cell shading of the face. Whoop whoop.
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Vocaloid Miku Hatsune Sharing the World Print available at Anime Los Angeles 2015! Available now on
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Finished my first full Marathon with a chip time of 05:43:31 and a gun time of 06:01:20
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October 18th, 2014

I want a relationship like this.

I mean






October 19th, 2014

Hey RT Community

Hope every one is having a fun and safe weekend.


October 18th, 2014

Oh Man

So, again if you don't know I work as a martial arts instructor and at work about 3 months ago my sensei started placing these around out dojo:

He said "If you think this is something you can stand up for sign it." A lot of the kids looked at it but didn't really read it because they didn't really think bullying was something that really happened to people. So during class my sensei and I told the kids how we both have been bullied and that there are so many different ways it can happen. After class this was the end result:

The kids wanted them to be posted to the walls so that anyone walking by could see that our dojo was bully-free and that we were all learning how to be better people.

I guess the point of me brining this up is because I just recently learned a lot about bullying, harassment, and violence sexual or otherwise and the statistics are disgusting. I was so angry when I found out the number of people at my university who admitted to being the victim of one of these; I was so damn angry.

1 out of 6 women at my university have been victims of sexual violence or harassment

1 out of 16 men have as well, and these stats are based only on the people who came forward and asked for help. But then I went to work today and saw this on our dojo wall and it reminded of what I can do to help this. There's nothing worse than feeling like you can't do anything to help but I think people should realize that there is so much we can do to help and it can be as simple as helping those who have been hurt by bullying, harassment, or violence or it could be standing up and taking your friend out of that bad situation.

Man, I get all wired up over things sometimes lol ^_^ just kind of needed to say it, I suppose. Much love ~

- Shelby

October 19th, 2014

October 19th, 2014

Who did this?

I must know and the sponsor page isn't telling me. I must pay homage to this person in the sponsor title so please do step forward.

xo, keyhole