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Have some Game Grumps!
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Found my old Horde t-shirt! Dont play WoW anymore, but once Horde always Horde!
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I am thrilled that @kaisergeiser drew my RWBY original character. Thanks, dude. I owe you some wine
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Goodbye, 636! You will be missed.
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I has to has...
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idk I have a million ideas for a no brakes shirt!
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sketch of the boxcar kids makeshift set tonight, minus mics. grainy pic, grossss.
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The True Mayor of Frown Town
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Recognize! xD
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RT - Shirt Design - The Gauntlet Alt - Couldn't decide if I should submit this one based on the style being adopted by terrible people in history. But it's more dramatic and many artists still use the style today.
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April 21st, 2014

Getting ready!!!!

Minecraft Let's Play #100 is this Friday...
Let the marathon begin!!!!

April 22nd, 2014

PAX East 2014 Picture Journal.

Excited for the RoosterTeeth Panel.

Met Garrus.


Juls was so drunk!

Evolve Booth Monster Guy.

Hamster fuzzball thing.

Me cosplaying as a Sith Lord!

Formation of the Cure Masters.

Casual Thane.

Broke into the booth.

Group photo!

April 22nd, 2014

RT community summed up in one pic

April 22nd, 2014

I love Frozen and all..

But seriously, this is golden and makes a WAYYY better story

Sorry, I won't Let It Go!

I'll stop now.

April 22nd, 2014

Really belated PAX East journal

Okay so I'm a lazy shit and this took a while, but lets do it shall we?
It's gonna be mostly pictures cause I'm still lazy!

I haven't been to a lot to conventions, but I think this is my favourite so far! I had incredible amounts of fun!
Lets just get this out of the way quickly. Here's the most braggy composition ever of various selfies of me with youtubers that I love! (Holly Conrad, Ross O'Donavan, Jirard Kahlil, Jontron, Jesse Cox and Stamper)

First picture on thursday in the hotel room with Ben and Bunny!

Bunny had this super cute cosplay so I tole her jacket:

Connor and Kevin being majestic:

Floor on friday!

Chipotle group picture!

Me flawlessly cosplaying as Ray in his glasses and hat:

Another joined photo with selfies with some of my lovely friends

Saturday floor!

Lammy and Bunny's cosplays!

And Andrew's makeshift sith lord cosplay

Found my game!

Saturday group dinner!

The weekend was amazing and I enjoyed myself so much! Thank you Boston!
Can't wait for RTX!!