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You can do it!!
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nora nora nora nora
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Oh. My. Glob.
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JJ from the Pinball RT Recap
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Gavin's Heist was great
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Yes! Anime!
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Wip of my Four Queens donation piece. Slow progress, I'm sorry! ;A;
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I have short hair! Going to take some getting used to. What do you guys think?
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Windmills & tulips. <3
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Happy birthday to me! :D
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Meet Elizabeth, my new baby sister. She wouldn't let go of my finger, she's a strong one!
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See this little troublemaker? He decided it would be fun to turn my xbox off while I was playing Fable. Then he pressed the button and turned it back on like nothing ever happened. Tobias, please.
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April 17th, 2014

April 16th, 2014

Story Telling Pt. II

In case you missed it, here is Story Telling Pt. I

The second story of the week is up! Our Lady's Little Glass by The Brothers Grimm. It's an old, short and sweet legend about the flower, Field Bindweed.

You can find all my readings on SoundCloud, and on YouTube. I post them to Facebook before anywhere else, so you can like my page to hear them first.

A gigantic thank you to @Emboi for the incredible artwork for this tale. You should check out his other amazing work!

I hope you enjoy it, and that you check back on Friday and every week after as I incorporate new learnings into the aiding of your imagination!


April 17th, 2014

This will be the one for Level 30!

Hey guys! I'm literally 99% of the way through level 29 on my karma here. I want this post to be the one that bumps me over to level 30. I guess I'll say something in this that's likeable. Hmmm.... umm. I heard that all the video games you like are pretty cool.

YAY! Thanks everyone!!!

April 17th, 2014


I would say FML... But it wasn't my fault in the slightest. So I will have to change it to FMEP, or Fuck My Electricity Provider.

Where to begin...

I was right in the middle of recording a new episode of the Eargasm Podcast. All was going well, and I was just getting the hang of the game we were playing when the lights started to flicker pretty badly. I shouted mid conversation that I thought I was having a powercut (@scottster246, @stuart, @teken09 I don't even know if you heard me say that!).

Then the power went out. The weather wasn't even bad! I wasn't best pleased to say the least. I went to check my fuse box to see if it was just my house. Nope. Fuse box was fine. I looked outside. No street lamps on. Called my dad who lives at the other side of the village. He had no power. Called my mom two towns over. She had no power either. Apparently half of Scotland had no power (@dimohiggins were you affected?).

So my iPad had died earlier in the day and my laptop very quickly ran out of batteries too. I managed to light a candle before it did:

It took me an hour of rummaging around by candle light to find my wind-up torch.
Then I suddenly realised something. My walking around the house with the torch felt strangely familiar...

Ok. Now FML seemed appropriate. I checked my doors to make sure they were both locked. Both were unlocked. I never unlocked the back door, let alone both of them. The whole street was eerily quiet. I quickly locked both doors and decided to search my house, just to be sure. I mean I had plenty experience of weakening bad guys with a torch...

If I hadn't just completed Alan Wake, this would have been an easy task. It wasn't.
I jumped at every floorboard creak, every shadow shift, and every door opening. Eventually I got around the house and came to the conclusion it was safe. So ended up having to try and go to sleep at 9:30pm as there was nothing more I could do. Thank goodness the power is back this morning, I don't think my nerves could deal with that again anytime soon.

April 16th, 2014

RT should sell these little framed pictures of geoff. I'd buy all of them