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Steven Universe style Blake!
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Yang in the Steven Universe style! some odd lines, but this is one of my faves. This was fun to do c:
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Happy 13th birthday to RvB.. love from Caboose?
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When your makeup is on point💁
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New hair and stuff.
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Less eyeliner, happier me
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Meet Blake. Naming all the lambs from RWBY this year is actually really fun, and it's amazing how well some of them match their namesakes.
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"I am Vengeance, I am the Starry, Starry Night" I finally finished this thing, clocking in at 18 hours.
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There is only ever One Blue Wolf
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Neo doodle before sleep. Offering up 15$ bust drawings like this if anyone's interested. Hit me up if you are, please!
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For whatever reason Piccolo always just felt black to me. Which also happens to be what she said.......... I know I have experienced this in other cases as well but none are coming to mind.
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I can try to look nice.
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March 27th, 2015

Featured User?!

Holy dang. WHAT? This is awesome.
Shoutout to whoever makes that decision.
Seriously though, it's been a fantastic week, and this is definitely a way to top it off.

March 27th, 2015

Caszie recap!

Oi! It's spring break now! and I took a fish to class.... and work. And woke up extra early so I could go observe at the center. And I dressed up and looked super sexy. And used my pokemon bath bomb!

Buuuut I don't actually know what the pokemon I got is. I have never seen it before so I need to report to my local poke-chu-man expert pronto! I'll keep ya updated.

Oh! It was brought to my attention that I have 1,234 friends right now! That's kinda cutesy. I do have sitely stuff to do soon though which includes responding to comments and messages and friend requests and stuff so I'll just say farewell to 1,234 now!............. bye.

Now, I'm gonna spend my night eating too much pasta and watching that one blue against red show by those RoosterTooth guys. Great way to start spring break? Definitely. :3

Go here and be happy. Fishy Queen demands it.

March 27th, 2015

The Happy Experiment: Join Us!

For 100 days, starting on May 1st, 2015, we will dedicate ourselves to one happy thing each day. The days will each be themed (for example, Day 42 might be "Draw/paint/use your coloring book"). You can tweet/share any photos/text with the hashtag "#HappyExperiment100" so everyone can be included in how you're making your day a little brighter. When you tweet at the Happy Experiment account or share it to the Facebook Page, you may be featured with a retweet/share! This is simply meant to be a fun way to hold yourself to self-care.

Please join this group and also like/follow. Any word spreading is a huge help here!

Want to help in a more official capacity? Here's what we currently need!

Promotion! Post journals, tweet about it, do whatever it is you do to connect with others. Go big or go home, amiright?

Idea Generation: We need 100 days' worth of themes. Remember, they need to be as inclusive as possible but more specific than "do the happy thing." You are more than welcome to comment ideas on this post.

If you're interested in helping with any of the above or have questions (or honestly just want to say hi, even), private message me, DM me on Twitter or email directly at [email protected]!

Really looking forward to sharing these 100 happy days with you guys! (And the 100 days may or may not end around RTX... )

Logo credit to @Tgjanlee.

March 28th, 2015


"Bro, do you lift?"

"Yeah dude, how did you know?"

"Because you lift my heart whenever you're around."


March 27th, 2015

Ohhhhhhhh My!!!

*in Nolan North's voice*