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Look! I'm really a Zelda now! Thank you Patofilio for the epic drawing!
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Cancer? Pfft. She's got this.
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This will now be me every Friday, I love how my little scribble inspired by Jet Set Radio has evolved! @Ginman I've always said you're a total dude <3
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Look who I'm cosplaying at Dragoncon this year.
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Everyone, say hello to my dog, Chey.
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She used to be a tough alley cat, I swear. Now she's a mush who demands belly rubs...
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Neptune was not amused.
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That poor tree!
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Zelda-thon you say?
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X-Ray necklace pendants!
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July 29th, 2014

Old Clothes. New Apartment.

Do a spin move!

New url, new post.
Find it here!

It's about giving gifts to myself, kicking ass with a yoga mat, taking over the world and tinder.
More to come on that last one.

Stay excellent.

July 29th, 2014

Help her out

You see this badass woman here

She's @lozelda and she was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer, now she needs your help

@Ilan is putting on a 24 hour gaming marathon/live stream in hopes to raise money for her so that she won't have to worry about financial troubles on top of her health. Any and all donations will be sent straight to her to check out the full details her and help out in any way you guys can, donte, join the stream or just spread the word, whatever you can do is more than enough

Full details here

July 28th, 2014


Since joining this community, I've often said that it's the best gathering of people I have ever seen. There's a perfect blend of talent, wisdom, support, and snark that is unmatched anywhere else. What I never would have guessed was just how far that support part goes.

I've watched this community come together and do amazing things. You have turned a company that started in a spare bedroom into a convention hosting, movie making juggernaut. You banded together in the hunt to locate Knuckles. You've donated astronomical amounts to charities for children and veterans. You take care of others, and you especially watch out for your own.

When I started this adventure in May, I wanted to share the story as a learning experience. Something about healthcare is taboo to talk about, like we're all supposed to pretend we're in perfect condition, and the idea that maybe you're not is just something people don't talk about. Add on top of that the infamous "Superman Syndrome" that people my age and younger tend to have, that delusion that we are immune from serious things like organ failure or cancer, and you have the dangerous environment of misinformation and mystery that WebMD only makes worse. I wanted to make this as much about making sure everyone else is taking care of themselves as it was about me removing the mystery so it was less scary.

So, when the shit hit the proverbial fan and my routine test gone rogue did reveal cancer, it only made sense for me to continue sharing that. I never in a million years would have expected the number of messages left by you all, some of you relative strangers, wishing me well and offering an ear to vent to or a shoulder to cry on, or even just a laugh on a bad day. It was amazing, and you have no idea exactly how powerful hundreds of internet hugs are when you're having to have these kinds of conversations with your doctor.

And then @Ilan takes it one step further, to a level that I could never dream of, and starts this campaign to help me with the coming medical bills. I won't pretend to know what the financial part of this saga is going to look like, but I'd be lying if I said LoLink and I hadn't had a number of conversations about how we might have to handle it. Just the idea that someone wanted to help like that was incredible, and I may or may not have cried for a solid 15 minutes after that announcement.

But then you guys swooped in yet again and reminded me just how far you'll go to watch out for each other. You've grabbed this project and ran with it and posted the bejeezus out of it. I'm not even sure I've been able to keep track of all of it. So thank you @Ilan, @Audrey, @JJ, @J3ST3R31, @zap45, @Cambosa, @leehashee, @LadyOddDuck, @Shellylast, @MonToaster, @sneedse, @bystanders, @CenturionMAC, @MrFusion, @Stuartwhel, @ImACreep, @SparkyDJM1, @Adam_Dos_0, The Golden Group, The Ladies of RoosterTeeth, RT Community Shorts, and the RTX Guardian Podcast for plastering this in every corner of the internet. I really can't thank everyone enough, and if I had the rest of my life to only come up with a way to repay you I don't think I could do it.

Maybe at some point I'll at least come up with the right set of words to properly say thank you.

- Zelda

July 28th, 2014

Finally - that big announcement.

Soo, here it is (INHALE)

We all found out a few weeks ago that one of our own, and one of my favoritest people ever - @LoZelda is dealing with Cancer. I've had close relatives and friends go through similar experiences in battling Cancer, and the one thing that seems to weigh on them the most is the Financial burden of having to pay for the operations and treatments. What kind of world do we live in where someone who is sick and trying their best to get better, gets penalized with a crippling amount of bills? They are fighting a sickness AND have to live uncomfortably in order to afford fighting it. This is wrong, and I honestly disagree with it.

THAT is where I think we can help and HERE IT IS!

I'm pulling a 24 hr long gaming marathon - live on stream - in hopes to raise money for @LoZelda so that she won't have to worry about financial troubles on top of her health. Any and all donations will be sent straight to her.
I've seen this community band together to do some amazing things for charities and such, so why not try to do this for one of our own?


Streaming and gaming will begin at 7:00 PM EST on Saturday the 2nd (This coming saturday) and will go on for 24 hours....or longer depending on how things go. It will be a nice send off for her operation later that week!

The Stream will take place at All of the information will be on the description below the video itself along with donation links and other stuffs!

Games to be played will be - Some Zelda games (I've never played zelda before, but I figure this is the best time to do so) And we will have Audience requests between the headlining games, so we can get tons of people involved!

There will be a donation link, and with every donation you may choose to write a message of inspiration to either be read on-stream or be kept private.

There will be Awesome Giveaways! Wildstar trial keys, RT Posters, and a super secret steam game!


A- Of course the best way to help will be to donate.
B - For those that do not have the means to donate, hanging out for the stream will be more than enough to show support for the cause!
C - If you cannot donate and cannot make the stream, the best way to help is to Help spread the word, and to send your best wishes to @LoZelda !!

I'd love for this thing to be HUGE - I've gotten some announcements planned by HUGE Streamers like "MANVSGAME" and a few others, and I'd love to have as many people there to show their support.

My absolute stretch goal is to raise $5 Thousand. It won't be much in the grand scheme of things, but it'll certainly help make a dent with payments and such. BUT I'll be happy raising any amount!

So thanks everyone for giving me some time - and I really hope we can pull together to help out an amazing person!! See you all on Saturday!

24 HR Gaming Marathon for @LoZelda (I'm thinking about calling it a Zeldathon since there will be so much zelda)

When - Saturday August 2nd at 7PM EST (6PM RT Time)
Where -
What will be played - Zelda and requested games (we have 24 hours, so I think there'll be time for lots of stuff)

Thanks everyone! I'm going to sleep now to prepare.

July 29th, 2014

Let it Go