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Another splendid RT Michigan get together :)
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Let's break his legs!
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It’s okay Torchwick, I think you did a good job stealing all that dust.
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I just had to
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Couldnt unsee this after Blaine's disney world adventures
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My Friends and I as Shingeki no Pokemon at Anime Iowa 2014!
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Charmander mug :)
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Do think this belongs here.
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Brain work please.
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Hi! :)
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Having a laugh with a fellow groomsman at some wedding.
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July 26th, 2014

FU and Things

So apparently I'm featured user today.
Which I didn't even have time to notice because I was out at an RT Philly event. Then came home and crashed because I was up at 7 since I organized it and thought it would be best to get there early and ended up walking in the pouring rain at 9am- it was a whole thing. ANYWAY.

I think I'll take my time in the semi spotlight to plug an awesome charity called Extra Life. Lots of you have probably already heard about it so I'll save you the spiel (unless you ask). However, I just want to stress how awesome they are. I'm the VP of the Philly guild and I could not be more excited to be working with them to make this charity grow and help more sick children... while getting to play video games. Anyway yeah check them out, sign up- it's free, play games, heal kids.

And lastly did plan on mentioning the RT Philly meetup event today in a journal so might as well put it on the end of this one. It was very fun! We met up at the Franklin Institute in the morning and explored the museum for most of the day. It was awesome and there are photos to come. There was so much science, my heart swelled with joy. I was worried when planning that there wouldn't a lot of people interest because it was very last minute after RTX but everything worked out swimmingly! Got to meet a ton of new local fans and I can't wait to meet more next month!

Also, FU

July 27th, 2014

Hey it's me!

Waiting for the Artists of the RT Community Panel to start! Thank you @darkbowler!!!

July 27th, 2014

When a joke hits a little to close to the Truth

July 26th, 2014

I thought I meant something to him

While at The Quad, I was searching for a way to get the High Roller. I asked an employee there. Decent looking guy, charming, all about customer service.

Man: Welcome to The Quad! How can I help you?

Me: Hi! I'm with my mom and we need to get to the high roller. Can you point me in the right direction?

Man: Sure thing! I will always help out a woman with such a beautiful smile! You're gorgeous.

Me: Dawww, thanks!

/man gives me directions and mom and I make it to the High Roller

Later that evening, we journey back to the parking garage and we run into the same man.

Man: Good evening and welcome to The Quad! How can I be of service?

Me thinking: I'm assuming this is what a one night stand feels like.

July 27th, 2014

Something, something, weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and weekend. Smile, and stay awesome