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I'm super fucking proud of this, Leap of Faith drawing tonight peeps. Spent most of my night on it... So, how'd I do?
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Fantastic baby
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another Creed drawing tonight peeps, this time old ezio... How'd i do?!
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Trying some Travel To! posters based off Minecraft Let's Plays, this one being Find the Tower!
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Some beautiful Brownman faces to make your day bright.
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Been in a slump about how I color things lately so I'm testing out some brushes on an earlier piece. L-Lewd. I'm sorry.
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My hair was a little bit curly today when I took it out of my wrap...
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Soft Tacos Time with Van Gogh in the mix.
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Ready for another!?
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I've had a busy day....
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Started work on clay figures for the mini podcast set!
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August 18th, 2014

Gun Fantasy

August 18th, 2014

RTX Sunday Photos Part 1

So I know I have been a little lax on posting more photos from RTX and I am sorry about that but I do need sleep and there are only so many hours in a day. So what I have done is I have uploaded a bunch of my completed photos from Sunday for your enjoyment. Enjoy
RTX Sunday Photos Part 1

Here is a Few Samples of @Burnie
Burnie and his Hammer by DarkBowler, on Flickr

Chris at Gauntlet Panel by DarkBowler, on Flickr

JJ at RT Recap Panel by DarkBowler, on Flickr

@Kdin, @AxialMatt
Kdin, Jeremy, Matt at AH by DarkBowler, on Flickr

and of course @Caleb, @Ray, @Gavino, @Michael, @Ryan, @Lindsay @Kdin
Behind the Scenes at AH Panel by DarkBowler, on Flickr

August 19th, 2014

Another Then and Now posts



Thank you all for sticking with me throughout


August 18th, 2014


My week doesn't go this slow.

I wouldn't mind all the cuteness though. ;3
Dear Friday, come be my friend!

August 19th, 2014

I'm ready.

Just a quick update on what is going on in the world of Ash:

1.) I'm on a diet now. I gained lots of weight from my last relationship and then breaking up with him made me gain even more so now I'm on a diet to shed the weight and become the lovely little thing that I was before I let that asshole move into my place. My goal is to get down to 125 lbs by RTX 2015. Wish me luck!
2.) I'm sorry if I have been really off lately. I've had a lot of things going on in my life that, to be honest, I cannot discuss with many people outside of the situation. I just want to let you know that after this whole bit of nonsense is done and over with, which will hopefully be soon, I will be back in full swing around this place. (Great example: Yesterday I was writing this journal but then I had to go and never got around to actually posting it. Ridiculous amounts of busy right now!!)
3.) GGG is doing great and only getting better! We will probably be FG forever and well, I am just fine with that. We are getting closer and closer each and every day as not just a group but best friends. Hopefully you guys will join us on our many adventures!
4.) I am happy.
5.) I've finally decided to start saving money and plan a trip to England. It will take time to save money to get there but I am aiming at the summer of 2016. I plan on going there for a solid 2 months if not longer. I'm pretty excited to finally get the chance to visit where my ancestors came from. I've been needing to get away for a long time. The last time I took a legitimate vacation by myself was never and I plan on making this not just a vacation but a part of my life. This will be my first time to England but most certainly not my last.

That's all I have for you guys today. Join me on Halo 4 tonight as I whoop Andy's butt and make him cry for his lovely mother.

Ashley, over and out.