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Goodbye, 636! You will be missed.
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AH-themed Fridge Magnets :D
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Me and my tiny baby sister! :) she weighs less than my Laptop! :)
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Catching up on the RT Podcast and doodled an unamused Burnie in reaction to the debate on senses.
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Happy Easter!! A beautiful day for a baseball game!! Let me take your picture! ;D
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resubmitting for the rt communitee contest! Michal pointed out an issue with the colors on the previous submission. thanks dude!
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Since Easter is coming up I thought it'd be fitting to draw Velvet (with her awesome new battle outfit!)
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Noticed a trend in the top images. I think Newbs pulls it off the best.
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Do you wanna build a snowman? (I'm the snowman)
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Boop ~ <3
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just adding this cake to my collection of epic cakes. this also marks the first paid comission I've ever done :D
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April 20th, 2014

Hey, you!

Yes you. You who decided to get a little more dolled up today. Or who said "Fuck it. I'm not changing out of my pajamas today". Or who has been trying to lose a few pounds. Or who has put on a few pounds. Or maybe you're wearing an entirely new outfit. Or maybe you're wearing something a few years old. Whatever the case may be, I just thought I'd tell you....

April 20th, 2014

Title (optional)

Preparing myself to get shitfaced after work :d prepare your inbox

April 20th, 2014

Things I'll miss when I move.

Gorgeous sunny Scottish beach weather.
This was Lossie beach today. 15C/59F. Summer weather for us!

This makes me want to go outside more.

Happy Easter weekend!

April 20th, 2014

Happy Easter <3

Happy Easter everyone I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends as well as stuffed themselves with delicious Game of Thrones esque dinner and chocolates that are super... chocolately? yeah that works. Today has been awesome for me so far, woke up and dressed myself all nice for the fam.

and then was handed a chocolate bunny and felt kind of bad since it was so adorable... only kind of though, I mean I did devour it.

And then I introduced three of my younger siblings to Trials Fusion on the Xbone and my goodness was that fun to watch them discover. They had so much fun it was priceless.

Many laughs were had, not to mention I won $50 off a scratch card for the lottery it's going straight into the "get Shelby to visit more overseas friends" fund... The title is a work in-progress, but yeah, all joking aside this has been a great day. Much love~

- Shelby

April 20th, 2014

Next Sunday and bonus entry


I will be flying into Austin next week for some business.

@Suppi and I came up with the brilliant plan of gathering a metric shit ton of people and heading out for eats and drinks. She'll be picking me up at the airport around 5:45pm I figure maybe all of us meeting at 7:00pm so I can check into my hotel

I have decided on a venue (Thanks be to @Radius55 for the suggestions!)

WHY: Mary's coming down to Austin!

WHEN: Sunday April 27 at/around 7:00pm (Suppi and I might be there earlier to secure a spot)

WHERE: Red's Porch - Sounds like yummy food and will accommodate the possibility of a lot of people!

WHO Anyone living in Austin and DFW know what? This is open to all RT fans who don't mind missing Game of Thrones for one night. You're all invited no matter where the hell you live! IF YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU ARE INVITED.

WHAT to bring Be sure to bring money for your food and your arms to give and receive lots of hugs

HELP ME TAG RT PEEPS FROM AUSTIN! I don't want to leave anyone out! (I only tagged a few staff/crew not because the rest aren't invited, but because these are the people I specifically owe drinks/eats to )
@caiti @barbara @jack @gilby @GB330033 @Jfrosinski @red_uncle @steffie @lordowen @John @ayapa @radius55 @gorbulox

Let me know if you're coming! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!

I stepped outside of my comfort zone last night.
A few months ago, I had all of RWBY season 1 on repeat for an entire day. This lead to some intense themed dreams, let me tell you. I happened to dream up an original character of sorts. Thanks to some friends, they told me to type this character up and share it online.

Now, I'm not one to create original characters to belong in an already existing fiction. It's just not my thing. I also don't fancy myself as a creative writer, so this character that I'm about to share with you has no background and very little rhyme or reason. So, here it is for those who haven't seen it yet:

Name: Grizelda Pine
Age: 29
Height: 5’ 8”
Hair color: Copper red
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Tea shop owner, herbalist, trained Huntress (but doesn’t step in unless absolutely necessary)
Appearance: Faunus! Ram horns curling towards back of head and then curling upward (Think Marco from Saga). Glyphs have been carved into her horns and inlaid with dust-infused silver.
Hair is long, layered, and usually put in a loose braid. Braid is secured with a simple green band.
Around her neck is a forest green hooded scarf. She wears the hood up when traveling through areas that are less than faunus friendly.
A coat much like this (my apologies to the owner of this photo; I lost the credit notes I took; this is not my design)

The coat is deep red.
Deep green leather gauntlets
Black equestrian boots over deep green pants.
Black belt holster/bandoleer for her 2 pistols and bullets. Pistols pack a punch, but the glyphs on her horns replace the use of a wand when ammo is low and the need arises.
No backstory as of yet.
Owns a Tea Shop/Cafe somewhere in the RWBY world. We’ve only experienced Vale so far, so I can’t decide where Grizelda’s shop is located. As stated before, she is a trained Huntress, but only comes out to fight when absolutely necessary. She figures that there are enough hot-shot Hunters-in-training that she can take a few nights off.

And the incredibly kind @kaisergeiser drew Grizelda last night under the influence of potent wine

Thank you, sir!

So, what do you think? Again, totally showed up in a dream and I kinda dig her.