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Quick thing for Ray's birthday :)
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X-Ray and Vav retro-comic-style wall plaque :D
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Ray and I partying with the RT Community at PAX. Super special thank you to Connor for the photo. Sorry...I took it off of twitter <3
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Finally have a mission control... This is gonna make so much better for games, designing and college!
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Happy Birthday to the chillmeiste broseidon Ray
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Is there such a thing as too many selfies?
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I need these in my life...
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Bday gift for Jon. All of the lines Gandalf could be saying...
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RTcast chibis A Simple Walk
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Shitty RT Community Day picture, brought to you by a terrible selfie(?) taken in a dirty mirror! (9/15/14)
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It's Ray's birthday today \o/
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September 14th, 2014

LoZeldaThon Round 2: lambencyFest!

Can we all just agree that @Ilan is one of the most fantastic human beings we know?

This weekend he is doing another 24 hour gaming marathon in the name of helping a community member who needs us. On Sept 20 starting at 6PM EST he will be slowly descending into delirium to raise funds for @lambency, one of the community's great artists. You can read her full write-up here, but for those of you who prefer the CliffsNotes version she was in a terrible car accident that left her with a vertebral fracture and a crushed spinal disk that causes constant pain and hinders her ability to get a job to help pay the bills or even just exist without constant pain.

What you guys did for me was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Bills have started rolling in, and instead of sheer panic setting in I get to continue to breathe relatively normally. I would love for Corrin to be able to get the treatment she needs and experience that same level of relief. It doesn't take much to make a huge difference.

I hope to at least see you guys during the stream to support both Ilan and Corrin this weekend, even if you can't donate anything beyond your time. I am excited to be on the helpful side this time around, and with a few small windows of time where I have prior commitments I will be in the chat for most of the stream. It's going to be a hoot and a half, and I know there's some great giveaway stuff lined up again!

So please, help spread the word, donate what you can, and pop into the stream to offer your support to Ilan as he drives himself crazy (hopefully with less blood this time) and to lambency for her fight with the aftermath of that horrible car accident! She certainly deserves every bit of help this amazing community can offer her

September 15th, 2014



Happy birthday, buddy! You're turning,, 12? Here's hoping that this brand new year of age brings you amazing and wonderful things. Be sure to wish @Ray a terrific birthday all over the internet!!

September 15th, 2014

It's Been, One Year Since She Looked At Me!

Today is @Laurin’s anniversary of deciding to start dating a crazy wacko from Minnesota.

I can’t imagine being with someone as amazing as her, and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

She sure is a catch, isn’t she?

I love ya, babe.

September 15th, 2014

My Right to Gush Journal

Over the past several years I’ve been in some pretty crummy relationships, to the point where I started to think that crappy and condescending behavior from boyfriends was just a norm I’d need to learn how to deal with. After the last relationship I was in, I had zero interest in being in another one for a long time. The thought of possibly dealing with the same personal stresses and deterioration that happened in all the others was tiring. I was so tired of emotional manipulation, which was alarmingly common in all of my relationships.

My friendship with @Newbs began part way through my last relationship. Nothing big - just the occasional chat or XBL party, running advice, and RTMiNi get-together. The end of my last relationship saw me pretty unhappy, and I started opening up to Newbs a little more as a friend. He was also the first guy friend I could chat with who didn’t have the hidden hopes or intent of maybe getting in my pants later, and I think that was the first relief I got from him; this guy is a genuine friend.

We started chatting more regularly once I ended my last relationship. The intent of not getting into another relationship held pretty firmly… but of course, as we began to open up a little more over time, my determination began to crumble. Eventually I took another risk for myself and started to let things roll and see where they’d go, and somehow… thankfully, wonderfully, happily, things rolled into what has been the best relationship, and I don’t want it to end. It is the first time where each month, and now at a year, I eagerly look ahead to what more we can become, and what more we can do together.

Every spat and little bumpy section of road has been worth it. I don’t know how it happened in my life, when I was /seriously/ at the point where I believed shit attitude and manipulation was something I’d have to just deal with, but after all of it I actually got my real man, my good guy, and before all else, my best friend.

There’s more I can say to tie into this, but that will gush out over time. For now, happiest 1 year anniversary to us, Brandon. I’m looking ahead to more with you.

September 14th, 2014

Gotta share this story-

So, here I am sitting with my parents and I mentioned something about the site. The conversation that followed was quite unexpected:

Me: Wow! So many people from Illinois are joining the site today! It is so weird!
My Dad: What?
Me: Yeah. I've been welcoming quite a few tonight!
My Dad: Is that all you've been doing? Telling people how great Rooster-Bee is? (He doesn't understand what life is.)
Me: Mhmm....
My Dad: You are like a bad drug dealer. You sell the internet.
Me: What do you even mean?
My Dad: I remember the days when kids your age were sitting around doing dope. Not on their stupid computers.
Me: ...... Dad. Did you just tell me I need to smoke crack?
My Dad: ........ My show is back on. Shut up.

Apparently, I need to start doing the drugs.