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Found this shirt in my wardrobe and made me smile... Best. Shirt. Ever. <3 (courtesy of @teken09)
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A comic I made! thought it'd be fitting for MC LP 100
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Ray getting his animals mixed up
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Late night text messages from my mom are the best.
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The cat's out the bag...did some artwork for the beautiful & talented @caiti - go listen to her read wonderful stories NOW!
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ELEPHANT! <3 I want it...
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The True Mayor of Frown Town
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Have some Game Grumps!
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Goodbye, 636! You will be missed.
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"This isn't even my final form!" I did a in progress but yeah, what's done is done.
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April 23rd, 2014

I Hate the Internet

So yesterday I got retweeted by the Rockstar twitter account.

At first I was thinking it was cool that Rockstar took the time to notice a tweet of mine about their game which I very much enjoy. But then I looked at my twitter mentions feed. It was flooded with tweets like this.
(Sorry for the blurry screenshot. If you click on it, it will open in a new tab at a higher resolution.)

I was getting a little annoyed by the number of people who were complaining to Rockstar about releasing a free update. But I then realized that I'm only experiencing a very small percentage of the tweets they must get on a daily basis. I was going to tell people to calm down and go outside or do something productive with their life, but LOL I know that will never happen. So I didn't bother. The internet will always be like this. Anyways, thanks Rockstar for the retweet and I would just like to say that I would never want to run your twitter account. <3


April 23rd, 2014

April 23rd, 2014

I appreciate this so much

AAhahaha oh China, you. I had a good laugh out of this at college last night, thought I'd share. Much love~

- Shelby

April 22nd, 2014

I love Frozen and all..

But seriously, this is golden and makes a WAYYY better story

Sorry, I won't Let It Go!

I'll stop now.

April 23rd, 2014

Its official!

I've got an M now! Im part of Machinima!
not the hardest thing to do but I feel so proper now :P

gives me a smile :)
love ya!
BlueWolf OUT!