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In the spirit of Halloween and in memory of the hourglass...
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hahahahahaha SEAL
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Maine looking for his helmet. Maybe someone took it...
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From the popular web series, Red vs Blue
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proposal picture :)
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Definitely a Totoro cloak kind of day!
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team building exercise is the best
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More accurate attire
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Ultimately, all that tuition is worth it for reaching this level of education.
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This is my life right now. Tea and homework. Tea and homework.
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September 29th, 2014

Another Sad Farewell

I honestly don't know what it is about some of you people here, having some differences with people is expected in a community of this size, but to drive someone so close to the edge that the only option they see themselves as having is to walk away from a place they call home is nothing short of shameful. As someone who has been forced to suffer through being alienated in the world I was meant to love purely because of jealousy, it infuriates me when I see things like this go on. I frequently have seen posts do the rounds here where people talk about the problems they are having, from myself suffering from depression, to people having work problems and even relationship problems there is no shortage of people knowing some saddening personal problems and getting support from others here. That is something to be impressed by for sure, the level of support you guys give is to be commended, look at the LoZelda-thon for starters for how we can come together.

Despite all of that, there is also a side that really needs to be questioned. The first person I ever spoke to here on the Community got so much crap for her interactions with Ray that she decided to walk. Remember BMBingz? I sure as hell do, but I wonder if any of you even realise what was done there.Let's go about 6 months back, keep things more up to date and then there's an artist who was hated out of the community by just two people relentlessly hounding her. What was it over? Her art, which was great, and they didn't like the support and praise she got for her work, so they started to slam every piece of art she did and gave such a level of abuse that she too had to leave to get away from the negativity. I'm sure many of you do remember Colleen, she loved being here and had a shit tonne of friends, but thanks to two bitter artists she was forced out. Then there is just this last week, yet another friend of mine got harassed out of the community.Sure, the way Ailsa walked on to the scene really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, but at the core of it, what she did, she did for good reasons. And yet in an endless stream of attacks, she finally decided enough was enough and her account has now gone too.

What bothers me yet further is that people also feel the need to slate users for saying how they are struggling, slamming them for their problems behind their back. It's like you don't think that you're amplifying the problems that people are having. Does it really matter how their problems compare to some you may or may not have had? I never understood why that was important, the fact is that they are suffering and don't know how to cope with what they are facing, the last thing they need is to have someone judging them for struggling.

I don't really see this getting read by most people, and even less to care enough to read it all, but I felt the need to say something about it as it's been bothering me a great deal over the last few months, and to see someone who was making a stand against cyber bullying get forced out specifically by cyber bullying is quite worrying. I'm not expecting people to have no issues with each other, that's how the world works, but don't focus your problems in to hate. No progress can be made when you are purely fueled by jealousy, so please just take care about how you interact with those around you, because you may not realise quite how much your actions can affect someone.

Druyii Out

September 30th, 2014


So, Ladies and Gentlemen of the RT Community...

I have now been cleared by the casting agency to announce that I am going to be in Austin, Texas to play the role of "Big Thug" in the upcoming Rooster Teeth Production: Lazer Team!!!

THAT'S RIGHT!!! I've Been Cast, BITCHES!!! #HYPE

September 30th, 2014


I hope they do The Pose at least once!

Did this small gif in response to new RvB episode finale --- ahh amazing!!!

September 30th, 2014


Dearest members of the RT Community -

You guys are some of the most special and awesome motherfuckers on the planet. Sorry for the cursing, but I've got a lot of emotions going on right now and I wanted to emphasis the point.
Today a bunch of you stepped up when I was kicked down and helped me up. You cared to ask, and then talked it out, joked me out of it, and kept me company on a day when being totally phone silent might have left me in shambles.

So thanks for being there, folks.. I'd name you, but you know who you are.

I also know that if I'd posted here, others would have had my back, but it's not something I want to talk about in public right now or over and over again.

Just know that I'm thankful for you guys.

September 30th, 2014

Ebola in the USA

People are freaking out about Ebola making its way into the US and I'm just sitting here like "Justin Beiber is still out there somewhere." One problem at a time folks.