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What if ORF & Lopez could be friends? I think it'd make a cute pairing.
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And here's a christmas ornament of ORF as Rudolph!
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I made a Temp Bot plushie for my friend and she loves it!
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Battlecat Solaire and viking Adam :D
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Birthday selfie with my latest baby bro who I can now tell you is named Jake! Haven't gotten to really know you yet Jake but I'm looking forward to it!
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So that's how they get their stockings!
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I think I may have waited too long to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas.......
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Me working... Tunes, pad and bevs.
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X-Ray and Vav Christmas stockings! Do ya think they're gonna get coal or goodies?
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Did the loudest run thru Gorgon's maze w RoadBlock, Izzi, Newbs, Schraver, & Psycholagny. Blitzed/winged it with Izzi and didn't get caught. It was amazing x)
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Happy Sunday Y'all!
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December 21st, 2014

December 21st, 2014

totally not excited or anything.
20 Years old bitch!!

December 22nd, 2014

When I know that in a year I will have to pay back student loans...

December 21st, 2014

Merry Christmas

I'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas, and also good luck to all those applying for RTX guardian position.

Have a good one guys :D

December 21st, 2014

Guardian Post

Yay!!! It is that time of year again. The RTX hype continues on with the opening of Guardian applications. I just finished mine Friday night. Sorry for the long read @Barbara and @sailortweek.

For those who are interested in applying to join the crazy and dysfunctional family called the Guardians, I would like to point in the direction of these lovely people and @Blutonian for their posts have the basic information you seek:

Our Head Guardians, @sailortweek and @sirNARVY:

The Lovely @kriss:

The Wild Card, @Blutonian:

But I want to talk to those who are currently considering applying for the PA position. Last year, I had the good fortune of being picked by Barbara and Mary to become one. I do not know what I said that made them consider me in the first place, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and the trust they placed in me. That being said, from the outside, being a PA certainly looks like an enticing position. Sadly, this leads to some poor, confused, preconceived notions among the newer and inexperienced applicants. I am going to help clear them up by giving you some basic advice on the position based upon my personal experience:

Being a Guardian, no matter what team to which you are assigned, is essentially a job and you should treat it as such. Everyone in charge is counting you to carry it out that way. This is not the time to goof off and "hang out" with a member of the RT staff. With this, I will warn you. The PA position is not for the weak of heart. It is hard work and you will be doing it for long hours, but don't overexert yourself. So, be sure to take breaks, stay hydrated and stay nourished. I cannot stress this enough. We need you in tip-top shape for the weekend.

Your priority is to make sure that your assigned staffer is cared for and on schedule. You are merely there to ensure that their RTX experience goes as smooth and stress-free as possible. That being said, don’t be a dick about it. They are the ones in charge, after all.

You have to be ready for anything. You may not realize it, but impromptu crowds and autograph lines can sneak up on you. If you are not careful, they can become overwhelming and consume your staffers time. This can lead to highly stressful situations.

This position is not your stepping-stone in your "hiring process". I cannot stress this point enough. I know that it is not everyday that you get close interaction with Rooster Teeth, but this is definitely not the time to be handing them a resume or pitching them an idea for a series. We are here to make their time as stress-free, not pile onto it. This is the last thing they want to experience during RTX.

I hope this has cleared up any confused and preconceived notions about the position that might be flying around the community. Good luck on your applications! I hope I get to work with my Guardian and PA family again and meet all of the new recruits.