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25 year-old male from a beautiful land called Texas
a dude who likes to draw, watch rvb, chat w/ people, and.....i dunno.....stuff !! :D want someone to talk to? i'll be there for ya, i love talking with people, it's so fun! btw if you looked at my profile, you obviously must of wanted to see it so therefore i love you ^^. no, if you're a guy, i mean that as a friend..........sicko.........

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it's been a looong timei rarely ever make a journal post....on anything, much less here. if there is anyone in my friends list who remembers me, i need some help. i'm in college now and i need some extended feeback on my art. i have grown so much in the time i have been a member here, and i need to further myself even more.

here is a link to my gallery. if you can drop me a line here or on there, i would greatly appreciate it.

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Name Aaron
Occupation college kid
Birthday July 27th, 1989
Interests video games red vs blue stuff!! drawing anime listening to musical playin piano sax and ocarina coin collecting talking to girls space/ technology anything about world war 2 being friends and other stuff you probably wouldn't care about all that much
Music game soundtracks ( including rvb and halo1/2 ) 80's and 90's stuff yellowcard hoobastank puddle of mudd zz top the cars and incibus
Movies rvb dvds matrix triligy lord of the rings super mario bros anything w/ bruce lee and jackie jan in it the back to the future triligy series of unfortunate events the harry potters the star wars special edition triligy the new star wars flicks
TV Shows sienfeld lost simpsons animeish stuff honeymooners sonic x avitar spongebob teen titans fairly odd parents star trek and whose line is it anyway?
Books the halo books sienfeld's book of awesome bits the Bible a series of unfortunate events you know that sort of thing