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29 year-old female from Nottingham, UK
Tall, slim blonde rockstar
I love motorbikes and i would really love to own one and be able to ride
"If you were a piece of coursework, I'd be doing you on my desk right now"

If you want to chat then send me a message, i'm quite happy to chat to you
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Long Time No SeeHi everyone,

I'm finally back on here, no i haven't disappeared off the face of the planet lol!!

For thoe of you who know i ma model, well thats been taking up lots of my time, I have been doing lots of photoshoots recently and its been great, I have loved everyone of them. I also thought i would go for a change so i dyed my hair a mahogny colur kind of reddish colour.

I thought i would hsare wth you all a sleection of my favourite new model pics, then you cna see what i get upto on my shoots, and all the fun it is.

Well i must say its good to be back and check out whats going on around here, i must try to keep up and get on here more often, as well as update my model site.

Love menzraya
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Name Sian
Occupation Student
Birthday January 17th, 1986
Interests Guitar and Rocking out to great music. Physics (not sex ed as some of you suggested in V's picture!!) Ice skating Going cinema and bowling..and obviously going to pubs bars and clubs
Music Rock Heavy Metal Metal.........Anything that actually sounds good Guns n Roses Velvet Revolver Metallica Megadeath Nightwish Alter Bridge Black Sabbath Whitesnake AC DC Alice Cooper Biohazard Queen Jimi Hendrix Deep Purple Greenday Judas Priest Iron Maiden NOFX Led Zepplin Rage Against he Machine Red Hot Chilli Peppers Slayer Tenacious D otorhead......and of course not forgetting Men Raya!!!..and loads more bands
Movies Eurotrip.....Don't tell scotty coz scotty doesn't know School of rock Lord of the rings Matrix trilogy RedvsBue ocean Eleven Kill Bill 1&2 Top Gun 007 Th Girl Next Door