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24 year-old male from The pleasent state of Ohio :D
My name is Grant.
I am different.
I am artsy
I love music.
Talk to me :)

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it just seems likethe other day i was 14, and i discovered what redvsblue was.
i met tons and tons of sweet people.
I still keep in contact with a few.

This site is something else.
It is like a small town community.

Where we all know each other, and love one other.

It's funny that i am in college now.
Oh how time flys
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Name Grant
Occupation I cook delicious food!
Birthday June 2nd, 1991
Interests music track discus girls lifting fitness tattoos hipster clothes guitar long drives friends.
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Music There is no way i could list out every band i love but MODEST MOUSE <3 For Today Manchester Orchestra
Movies Pineapple Express Role Models I love you man