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25 year-old male from Richardson, TX
Actually 17
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Wait..So there won't be anymore RoosterTeeth comics...? It's half the reason I'd come back here..it's been too long
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Occupation sleep, watch t.v, and school (sadly)
Birthday March 25th, 1990
Interests T.V of course sleeping's cool videogames are something something that's hard to live without and I can draw a thing or two without any trouble if I do say so myself
Music Any type of rock techno I think is awesome and I sometimes listen to some pop/hip-hop here and there
Movies RvB (all seasons) Bruce Alighty Spiderman 1 2 and 3 I Robot Click Hitch Jackass The Movie M.I.B 1 and 2 Jurassic Park 1 2 and3 Godzilla (in N.Y.C) Billy Madison Pirates of the Carribean 1 2 and 3
TV Shows Family Guy Futurama The Boondocks Robot Chicken Naruto MXC Scare Tactics South Park Mind of Mencia American Dad Desert Punk FLCL and Infomercials.
Books ok I seriously am not makin fun of any people that read books or anything but I have no reason to be reading any typpa book whatsoever. Sorry but why read the book if the movies out? (harry potter)