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MontyI never met him.

But I know the impact he had on the lives of so many people here. I remember the first time I heard of him - I was at Anime Boston in 2007. I was at the AMV contest screening. During the intermission, a video began to play. It was Master Chief versus Samus.

It was the greatest thing I had ever seen. I looked for the video on the voting ballot but it was no where to be found. Of course. It wasn't an AMV. It was just the entertainment during the voting. I didn't care. I wrote "Haloid" under Best In Show.

And then I raced off to the RoosterTeeth booth where I told Nico all about this great video I just saw with Master Chief versus Samus. (He wasn't into Nintendo, so the Samus thing was lost.) But I was teeming with energy about it. I was ecstatic to find it online, and I showed it to everyone I could find when I got back to college.

It wasn't too much longer after that - what, maybe a year or two? - that a very special episode of Red vs. Blue came out. The Red team burst through a concrete wall on the Warthog. "That's not possible in Halo, is it?" I wondered. And then I found out. Monty Oum, the wonderful man who did that crazy Haloid video at Anime Boston, had joined RoosterTeeth.

And I remember, at the last RVBTO, Burnie talking about the first time he ever approached Monty about working with RoosterTeeth and how it sounded like he was hitting on him. Later in the panel when he said something that might reveal his age he said, "I don't want to date us... hah, I'm like Monty, I don't want to date us." Just a sliver of the humor and joy Monty brought to this team.

I'm devastated to hear of his passing. But I'm so glad and grateful to everyone on this website who contributed to his care in the last few days. This community is truly one of the best I've ever been honored to be a part of.

And I'm glad that Monty was able to do what he loved and was so good at for the last few years here with RoosterTeeth. I know he was respected and revered and loved. By me, by you, and by all.

We will miss you, Monty.
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