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milesprower Loves Brady
26 year-old male from Indiana
Currently Playing: Titanfall, Outlast, Gears of War 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic
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milesprower Loves Brady
Destiny's DLC Announcement Has Made Me Shelve It For GoodIt is no longer on my Xbox One's hard drive.

I pity players who continue to be satisfied with it.

Yep. Go ahead and read it again. I'll wait.

If you enjoy Destiny, if you find it to be a satisfying, fulfilling $60 investment, then I pity you. I don't know what kind of gamer enjoys an experience like this, but I hope I never, ever become anything remotely close to it.

I am proud to be someone who is stingier. Who demands more bang for my buck. More substance.

Destiny has changed the way I approach game releases, because now I know how much can change from concept to demo to launch, and how much false advertisement a company can get away with. From now on, I will approach hype trains...
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