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Vanquish 3: Day 2

StarCraft 2 maxed. SWTOR maxed (had to manually delete the settings after Windows 8.1 threw a fit at Windowed Fullscreen). Skyrim maxed, mods pending.

In short, my brain is melting.

Alright, I suppose if there's ONE nitpick I have so far, it's how this PNY GTX 970 looks.

Side panel windows offer no performance enhancement whatsoever (unless you laser cut them and add a fan). It's for showing your hardware off, pure and simple. Something like this; even the reference 900 line has lighted branding:

But this PNY 970? No branding, no backplate, no LEDs. Not to mention no full ports, has mini HDMI and three mini displayports. Um, this isn't a laptop. Full sized ports please.

In short, it's ugly as sin.
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