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24 year-old female from a WHALE'S VAGINA
No, I will not introduce myself.

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Name Mimey
Occupation Dj, Mime, Student, Writer, Gamer
Birthday October 28th, 1990
Interests VIDYA GAMES education Electro and enything House Tecktonik Electro-Danse Literature Leisure Lulz
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Music Daft Punk Busy P Dj Mehdi Vicarious Bliss Mr. Oizo SebastiAn Feadz Mr. Flash JUSTICE Krazy Baldhead TTC Aphex Twin Digitalism Kavinsky Erol Alkan Feist Gorillaz M.I.A Harry and the Potters Rammstein Dimmu Borgir Murderdolls Dj Switch Chromeo Charly Greane Les Executionneurs Benny Benassi Yelle Tepr MSTRKRFT DataRock Klaxons Calvin Harris Teenage Badgirl Super Princess "P" Boyz Noise Superfun Yeah Yeah Rockship SoKo Soulwax Saphir Le Knight Club Rolf Honey ZJUICE ZZZ Dj Tiesto Clash The Disco Kids The Clash Ramones Sex Pistols AC DC Led Zepplin The Black Keys Pink Floyd Eric Prydz The Dresden Dolls Dangerdoom Spacekid Trocadero Bombo Scooter Dj Coone Headhunterz Rick Astley R.V.B Dj Millo The Sugarhill Gang
Movies Earth Girls Are Easy The Libertine Jarhead Friday Night Lights L'Argent de Poches Les Miserables Swing Kids Hairspray American HistoryX D.E.B.S Sid and Nancy Crash Doom Man Bites Dog Alice et Martin Corky Romano A Day in the Life of a French Bastard Saw(2) Kill Bill Cold Mountain L'Aubourge Espagnole(beautiful movie) The Last Samurai The Goonies Footloose White Chicks If These Walls Could Talk(2) Shaolin Soccer Kung Fu Hustle South Park's Bigger Longer and Uncut Life Aquatic Dodgeball Foreign Student Love Actually Zebrahead Man Bites Dog A Clockwork Orange The Little Rascals The Addams Family Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Mortal Kombat Bridget Jones' Diary Interstella 5555: The 5tory of a 5ecret 5tar 5ystem Schindler's List My Wife is an Actrice Super Mario Bros Yes Dawn of the Dead Shaun of the Dead Hedwig and the Angry Inch Clerks (2)
TV Shows Fullmetal Alchemist Cowboy Bebop Wonder Showzen Stankervision The Andy Milanokis Show Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends Family Guy Futurama Robot Chicken Harvey Birdman Most Haunted Trigger Happy tv South Park Drawn Together Super Milk Chan Powerpuff Girls Boondocks Perfect Hair Forever Big Love The Daily Show with Jon Stuart Mind of Mencia FLCL The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Battlestar Galactica Paranoia Agent
Books WATCHMEN Les Miserables Harry Potter(all) Once and Future King Shakespearean Tragedies and Comedies A Little Princess Farenheit 451 Animal Farm The 'L' Word Frindle Speak French Cats Don't Get Fat This Book Will Change Your Life This Book Will Change Your Life Again Benrik's Book: This Will Change Your Love Life The Communist Manifesto LOTR 1984 Robinson Crusoe Define Normal Letters From the Rue Dix A Great and Terrible Beauty Trickster's Choice Trickster's Queen To Kill a Mockingbird What it Takes Girl with a Pearl Earring Stargirl V for Vendetta Catch-22 The Power of One Slaughterhouse-Five Breakfast of Champions Cat's Cradle Welcome to the Monkey House The Metamorphasis Speak Anthem Candide Chronicle of a Death Foretold The Plain Janes Their Eyes Were Watching God Ceremony The Fountainhead (Yeah I know right? WTF) Hocus Pocus Slapstick Jarhead