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28 year-old male from Little Rock, AR
"Vince, Shut the FUCK Up!"

Ezekiel 25:17. "The path
of the righteous man is beset on
all sides by the inequities of the
selfish and the tyranny of evil
men. Blessed is he who, in the
name of charity and good will,
shepherds the weak through the
valley of darkness, for he is truly
his brother's keeper and the finder
of lost children. And I will
strike down upon thee with great
vengeance and furious anger those
who attempt to poison and destroy
my brothers. And you will know my
name is the Lord when I lay my
vengeance upon you."
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bye everyonei dont know if there is still anyone out there listening or not, but im done with red vs blue. this site had a good run, but its boring now. ill still pop in every once in a while but oter than that im gone. ill keep in touch with everyone via AIM or MSN or Yahoo, whichever you have. I also have a myspace. My AIM is miroku591, my MSN is miroku591@hotmail.com, and my Yahoo is miroku591. My myspace is www.myspace.com/miroku591. Peace Everybody, Im Out!!!
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Name Tim
Occupation Computer Nerd,
Birthday May 3rd, 1987
Interests I like computers and girls who like computers. I also like strolls on the beach in the moonlight and i will do anything for a girl in trouble. i am also a HUGE Invader Zim fan
Music Do As Infinity Rammstein and Disturbed and Trans-Siberian Orchestra I FUCKIN HEART GORILLAZ!!!! Reel Big Fish is good also
Movies UHF All Monty Phython movies and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. i also like Inuyasha the Movie 1:Affections Touching Across Time and Inuyasha the Movie 2:The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. Pulp Fiction is also the greatest movie ever. "I shot Marvin in the face!"
TV Shows Seinfeld and any anime.