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23 year-old female from Candy Land

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RWBY: My Ears Have Nuts, TodaySo, at this point, I've seen the four videos that have come out introducing RWBY (Red, White, Black, Yellow). I think it's safe to say I've had a good taste of what's to come. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about story, though some can speculate, I'm sure. I'm gonna give a small break down of my thoughts on Monty's new project with regard to the combination of different art forms that created this cinema.

The first video I saw was for Red. Essentially, there was music, no dialogue integrated, and an impressive display of Monty's affinity for amazing weaponry and beautifully choreographed action. Later videos released then displayed script, voic...
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Name Ellen
Occupation Your friend
Birthday July 5th, 1990
Interests Video Games Food Art Making Art.
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Music I don't like country that much. I mean I won't kill you if you put country music on. I'm pretty tolerant but it's my least favorite to listen to.
Movies Awesome movies. You can have a conversation with me about it sometime.
TV Shows An assortment of anime that generally has artistic merit. Shows that talk about new games Adult Swim Shows Food Network Shows.
Books Tales of the Otori (Sumurai Novel) I love this series it's so awsome! XD