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24 year-old male from Coral Gables, FL
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"In life, if you win your a genius, if you lose your insane. Me? If im losing i still pretend im winning"

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HeyallHey everyone....

Between my Xbox live and Aps ive been neglecting the site....still love yall and waiting on reconstruction......

sorry for the vanishment try to write soon.....
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Name Michael
Occupation Unlocking Peoples Death With My Key
Birthday July 29th, 1990
Interests Red vs Blue Halo 2 some random books My Laptop My xbox My friends (come on if I didnt have em who else could i thrash in halo?) a girl that goes to my school my energy sword That thing on the screen my energy sword and of course Randomly quoting Caboose
Movies Spaceballs Monty Python and the Holy Grail Ghostbusters 50 first dates Harry Potter Series Lord Of The Rings trilogy Blazing Saddles Star Wars series DODGEBALL Hot Fuzz Epic movie more to be added
TV Shows Friends Family Guy Boston Legal Law and Order SVU Star Trek: The next generation more to be added
Books harry potter series the bartimaeous trilogy (amulet of samarkand the golems eye ptolemy's gate) His dark materials trilogy Eragon Eldest The Wheel Of Time Series All Xanth books Pendragon Series Faerie Wars chronicles Flyboys Flags Of Our Fathers Artemis Fowl Series Charlie bone series Entombed Keys to the kingdom series The underland chronicles Chrestomanci books Children Of The Lamp Series more ot be added