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23 year-old male from Beverly Hills, CA
Hmmm....let's see....ranting and raving....rawring at the random passerby....eating cabbage and telling people about it....going to Italy next summer....GOD AND JESUS.....watching movies....eating......eating.....eating.....swimming....tennis.......soccer.....reading (I may be the only one on this site that reads!).....playing my 360

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OnomatopeiaI like this word...does anybody else????
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Name Mikey
Occupation Sophomore as of next year
Birthday August 11th, 1991
Interests spying on people while they clean their toe nails......it's very interesting no actually playing xbox making ben stop playing guitar asking morgan for money he owes me going on the comptuer and making a profile for red vs. blue kutless concerts swimming soccer not paying attention in computer systems francais that's french if you know what i mean typing interests reading peoples profiles reading ( i know a teenager that reads!) rawring at random people going to band camp i shall have pictures after july 23-29 muahahahaha sending emails that aren't forwards spelling correctly ranting and raving about useless nonsense a blahblahblahblah rawr x 21
Music mostly....whatevers on the radio christian rock kutless! breaking benjamin(constipated singers of america unite) blink 182-older songs new ones too serious french christmas songs!!!! good charlotte james blunt (the stoner) not emo OK----MUSIC JOKE Q-What band is definitely not emo???? A- KUTLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muhahahaha I made that up all by myself
Movies South Park Movie Family Guy Movie School of Rock Scary Movie Series(made me cry the drama!) Cat in the Hat Harry Potter (except for the fourth it sucked!) Lord of the Bling (mad tv) Lord of the Rings I generally love movies--they are SEXY
TV Shows Family Guy Futurama Drawn Together South Park Simpsons Spongebob CSI red vs. blue strangerhood
Books Harry Potter LOTR Narnia series Series of Unfortunate Events(latest ones suck) the inheritance books (eragon and eldest) DaVinci Code Angels and Demons Deception Point Digital Fortress