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MJOLNIRarmor US Marine
26 year-old male from Lewisville, TX (Stationed in California)

^I am a Rifle Expert^

People sleep peacefully in their beds at night, only because rough men stand to do violence on their behalf.
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MJOLNIRarmor US Marine
Man I have not posted in quite a while. Well I'm on deployment right now, on the 31st MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) I went to Australia...floated around in the ocean for a while...now i'm back in Okinawa, Japan doing some training here. Almost home though, about a month left of this deployment. It wasn't the best experience of my life, but an experience nonetheless. At least it wasn't Afghanistan again.
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Name Corporal Tim Dermody
Occupation United States Marine (0311)
Birthday December 5th, 1988
Interests Driving my Jeep Driving in my Jeep with my best friends in it Driving my Jeep in the mud Driving my Jeep on grass Driving my jeep over medians Driving my Jeep over large obstructions in which considered unable to drive over by the average vehicle just so I can say "I drove over that" Driving in my Jeep with my best friend Philip or alongside him when hes in his big ass Dodge Ram. Driving in my Jeep is fucking awesome. Because its a big ass Jeep with 35" tires with a 6" lift kit. Oh and hanging out with my friends going to the lake and chilling...My Jeep rocks. Muwahaha...Oh and blowing shit up thats fun too. I am a Marine so of course the USMC is an interest of mine more like a life...I love to shoot guns throw grenades launch grenades out of 40mm grenade launchers...and among other fun destructive activities. I love playing my guitar too...Rock is a big part of my life...I bleed metal.
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TV Shows Sons of Anarchy Family Guy Spike TV The Simpsons Futurama Myth-Busters My Name is Earl The Office...I don't really watch many TV shows when my eyes are on my TV it is usually because it is hooked up to my Xbox 360 or I am watching a movie on HBO none of that piece of shit "reality" TV...
Books The Halo novels...I love The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes! They are awesome...and MEG and The Trench The Green Mile by Stephen King Spandav Phoenix We Were One Lone Star Nation Slash The Good War The Angel Of Darkness The Dead Zone I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.