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25 year-old male from Sedro Woolley, WA
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Well, Brittney's in Claifornia, at leastWell, after a week of worry and torment, its over. I finally found out she was in Claifornia. Well, I'm still a little heartbroken that she's down there, and not in Washington. Oh, well, maybe, just maybe, she'll come back. A long-shot hope, a dream, even, but now I feel better that I can contact her. I got her address from her mother..... (Fortunatly, she gave it to me without hesitation)

Oh well. Time will tell. She'll probably fall in love with someone else, but at least I can write to her. Sure, call me spineless and clingy all you want, but I know my gutteral languages! (Klingon [i.e., Cling-On] is a Germanic language...... Germanic languages are gutteral..... LAUGH AT MY JOKE DAMN YOU!)

Sigh. I did love her to the bottem of my heart.
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