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Moeparker Ghost
34 year-old male from Circle of Moon Rocks
My name is Jason (a.k.a. Moe)

Aoina and I have started a business of creating video game props, armor, weapons, necklaces, charms, keychains, desk paper weights, etc. From cosplsay to collecting, you can add anything to your Inventory.

Website for 3D Prints and video game items: Inventory Screen

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Moeparker Ghost
Inventory Screen: New items coming soonFallout 3 coasters

Above is a new item we 3D printed today. We're going to make some molds and test different casting materials. Like:
A post-apocalyptic metal look. Maybe a fake rust look to make it look wasteland worthy.
White with sharp black trim (seen)
Glow in the dark (for that radiation look, plus you can find it in the dark)


If you want to know when things like this are available head over to our website, Inventory Screen, and sign up for the newsletter on the right side of the site. It's so easy you could explain it to a caveman.

Also we 3D printed another test piece. Little bitty shot glass coaster!

Thumbs up means you keep drinking until you need RadAway.

When we make the coaster sets they'll be limited stock so first come first serve. Expect them to be in stock in a week or two. To know when sign up for the newsletter at Inventory Screen. It's easier that way, no checking on your part. Plus the newsletter has coupons.

-M e
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