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Moeparker Ghost
33 year-old male
My name is Jason (a.k.a. Moe) and I create Costumes and Video game/Movie replicas: L4D beeping pipe bombs, L4D Tank costume, Bianca crossbow from Dragonage 2, Portal Gun with electronics, etc.

Aoina and I have started a business of 3D printing video game and movie props and making castings of them. From costumes to collecting, you can add anything to your Inventory.

Website for 3D Prints and Replicas coming soon.

Past Cosplays:
The Tank: L4D
Varric: Dragonage 2
Vincent: Silent Hill 3
Rattmann: Portal 2 comic "Lab Rat"

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Moeparker Ghost
That slimming process

All guys have that moment of "Why am I carrying all this STUFF in my wallet?!?"

My butt thanks me.
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