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34 year-old male from Topeka, KS
About? About what? Oh, about me.

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"Without relying on religion, we look to common sense, common experience and the findings of science for understanding" - Dalai Lama

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Accidental DiscoveryI'm sure some of you have them already, but we recently got a Vintage Stock here in town. That store is awesome. While there looking for some of the old B horror movies I loved as a kid I stumbled across a good foreign film. You should look it up, I couldn't stop laughing.

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Name Dana
Occupation Computer Guy
Birthday October 16th, 1980
Interests The color black computers women books the sky that thing crawling up my wall dragons and maybe you.
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Music I love almost all music except country and rap. Right now Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers are what I listen to the most but that changes often.
Movies The Black Crystal! If you haven't seen The Black Crystal I want to know what cave you have been living in.
TV Shows CSI Adult Swim and whatever else I run across. I do like anime but I am very picky about what anime I watch or buy. Most of it is to cheesy some of it goes on long after it should of ended but every now and then you find one that just catches your interest and you can't stop watching it.
Books The Wheel of Time Chronicles The Shannara series anything by Melanie Rawn Margaret Weis and Traci Hickman.