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24 year-old male from Waterloo Campus, Ontario, Canada
I can't think of anything smart. I lie, I totally can. You just don't deserve to know... yet...

Don't give me that face!

... Fine!

... I love you.
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So HungryAll the time...

I'm back for school (again). For those of you keeping count (no one, not even myself) this is my 4th semester in a row, granted I did have some breaks in between semesters of about 2 or so weeks each.

Now, I'm living on an off campus house with 4 other friends of mine. I cannot explain how hungry I am, constantly in need of food. Like. Omg. I'm going to die.

Someone save me.

- Stevie
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Music Ranges from Billy Joel to The Cure to the Strokes (I fucking love the Strokes). I have a range of musical taste. Kind of a music snob. Mwaha.
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