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37 year-old female from Chicago, IL

What I'm doing right now: pounding the cyberpavement
Currently listening to: "Eye to the Telescope," KT Tunstall
Next movie to see: "Kinsey" or "A Clockwork Orange" on Netflix; "The Valet" in the theater

Hi everyone, please no random friend requests--unless we have a lot in common, I most likely won't accept. Nothing personal!
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FUWow, just logged in after months and only now realized that I was FU 3 months ago! I am definitely not worthy, given my non-activity these days...but I'll take it! Love the comments from random folks.

Happy 10 years, Red vs. Blue! Here's to another 10 at least!
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Name Tammy
Occupation Being overqualified
Birthday May 14th, 1978
Interests eating cooking exploring Pocky sushi drumming homestarrunner (homsar rocks) good espresso avoiding chain restaurants hugging trees Piyo Piyo Mikan Bouya the color red champagne and did I mention eating?
Music Beatles U2 Corrs Jewel select Zeppelin and Who bad (or good?) 80s music percussion stuff...for me to like something it's gotta have a great melody. Kickass beat and good lyrics don't hurt either.
Movies Wedding Banquet My Neighbor Totoro The Graduate Rear Window A Hard Day's Night Eat Drink Man Woman Breakfast at Tiffany's Vertigo Lost in Translation Schindler's List Shawshank Redemption Manchurian Candidate (the original one)
TV Shows Alias SATC Desperate Housewives The Office Scrubs 24 Good Eats Iron Chef Everyday Italian Rachael Ray anything by Julia Child...ok pretty much any cooking show Inside the Actor's Studio Ellen Powerpuff Girls Check Please! and okay you can make fun of me but I do enjoy Oprah now and again.
Books I do love the Harry Potter series (though I haven't had time to read the 6th one yet) The Awakening All Creatures Great and Small hmm can't think of any others right now