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36 year-old female from Lakeville, MN
I'm a 5 ft 2in redhead transplanted from Dallas TX to Minnesota but i'm not complaning at least we get snow up here*L*. Also I am married to Dainbramaged from these forums so if you ever see him make a comment about his wife that would be me*L*.

Oh yeah i'm also a Kansas girl at heart hometown of Topeka I miss it there.
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Ok been awhile...My compuer is slow and a royal pain in my ass at times but here I am.

Latest Gwen news.
She at her last check up was a whopping 31&1/2 inches tall, i'm only 62 inches tall, she's gonna be taller than me at 4 by this rate. SHe was also an even 20 lbs. So we are looking at from 95th percentile to 97th in height and an even 50th percentile in weight. She also is getting really good with her balance and should be walking here soon.

Dain and I & Gwen leave for vacation to Dallas on Sunday so that will be a fun trip. I know for sure that Gwen, my mother & myself will be going to Scarborough Faire on Monday. Yay I can wear my garb for the first time, and it won't be for pictures either. Other than that who knows...maybe a trip to Medieval TImes just to add to the Myrtle Beach Medieval Times shirt I already have?

Pirates 3 I so a ready to see this movie, I'm planning on taking my brother to see it while visiting, though he says if i'm dressed as a pirate he'd call me weird, but then again I am weird so whats new there?

How goes it with everyone here?
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