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28 year-old male from uk
skinny, long haired rocker , married (sorry laddies lol) and dyslexic so don't take the piss that i cant spell very well. i also have something wrong with my brain and get migraines a lot. if ya send me a friend request i will only accept if you have made me laugh or we have had an intelligent convocation. oh and i watch all my friends. other then that one word sums me up....DILLIGAF.

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omnipotent and omniscient I think this is the main problem I have with the idea of a god. the god of the bible is always said to be all knowing and all powerful. if that's the case why did he bother making the universe. if he is omnipotent the the task would seem mundane to such a being, but if he wasn't all powerful at least there is some challenge to the whole thing.
and as for omniscient, if god is all knowing then he already know how it will all play out, but if he wasn't all knowing then there is reason to creating the universe to find out what happens.
I think the Greeks had it right with there gods, who where just as flawed as humans, in that they had emotions and acted on the, such as rage and jealousy. but then the Christian god is said to be a jealous god in the bible. why would a supposedly perfect being feel jealousy over our, mere humans, actions.
at least a flawed deity is reasonable, but this whole "perfect god" just doesn't seem tangible, especially when physics tells us nothing is perfect, and its because of this that we, and everything in the universe exist at all, because of tiny imperfections like there being more matter then anti-matter, or the matter not being perfectly even in its spacing from each other so that matter could collect and form stars via gravity.
so nothing is perfect, not even god, if he actually exists.

and just for a laugh....

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