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Male from Woodbridge, Virginia
A graduate of film school looking to start his own web series, I pay the day-to-day bills by managing and bartending at a restaurant theater.
I restrict Facebook and XBox Live friends to people I know in real life, but realm is for my alter ego, and he likes meeting new people, so here I accept all friend requests :)
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Um, duh?So, I work at a movie theater that has a full restaurant/bar menu and service (though it's not the place you're thinking of; I guarantee it). Being a movie theater, we make all our money off of food and drink, so prices are a bit up there comparatively. As such, people think they can game the system by bringing in their own food.

But here's the thing: If you're going to bring in your own food, either pick up the wrapper and throw it away yourself, or make sure it's something we carry.

Don't like paying that much for a draft of Sam Adams Seasonal? The solution is NOT to bring in a bottle of that beer, but rather to see what we have available in bottles and smuggle that in (even though it's illegal to do that in our state). Our servers may not be so sharp as to remember what we have in bottles, but I'm the fucking bartender and I know that shit backwards and forwards, so I will call you out on it in a heartbeat!
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