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Murph Bearded4Lyfe
27 year-old male from Brush, CO
Twenty-something from Northeast Colorado born and raised.
Love to game, might have to go a few journals in to find something worth reading I sometimes ramble. You can always follow me on Twitter
I love to draw tho i haven't drawn anything lately... some of my old art is up on here
Follow me on Twitch.TV I stream what I'm playing from time to time
Check out my YouTube Channel.
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Murph Bearded4Lyfe
Excuses that are kind of actual reasonsI haven't streamed/recorded anything in a month, there are a few things that keep getting in the way (excuses that are easy to give in to). Main reason is the heat. With the heat here and this houses I can't have the AC off for very long before it's uncomfortably hot in here. With the AC running literally constantly it struggles to keep it 74F in here the past month. If it's off it'll climb to 78F in around 20 minutes some days and the temp will just keep climbing if I let it giving me a very short period to record or stream before I have to turn it back on and I can't commentate over the fan/rattle of a window AC and I definitely can't handle being that warm...
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