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RWBY Episode 1 ThoughtsSo, RWBY's finally dropped and we've been given a taste of what the latest offering RT can give us hungry, hungry fans.

Right off the bat, what I've seen so far has shown a lot of promise, but I'm reserving judgement until I've been allowed to see more.

When I saw the 'Red' trailer, I was hooked. Cute girl with a massive, awesome combi-weapon that saw her kick serious werewolf ass, Monty Oum style? Colour me intrigued, RT.

Though I'll admit that the rest of the buildup to this series did cause me to pause and wonder if this was such a good idea. After watching the Black and Yellow trailers, I had my doubts as to the way things were going. However, it was not for what I saw, but what I heard.

Yes, it is a topic that has most likely been argued to death, but the voice acting did jar me slightly. Call it shallow, but any animated or machinma series has to have a strong VA cast to carry it and breath life into the characters they portray. Were those just the first takes? Most likely. Was the final product going to have improved lines? Definitely. And yet it was something I was going to focus on more than anything else unfortunately.

And so I'm very glad to say that the first episode was able to cast the doubts I had about the VA's aside. Barbara already proved herself that she and Yang are pretty much the same and thank goodness Lindsay isn't as squeaky anymore. The rest of the cast I've heard so far have also been up to scratch with what we can expect from RT with a lovely unexpected cameo by Jen Taylor to get us going.

And so that allowed me to take in the rest of what was offered. Of course there was the initial fight to help set the scene and help introduce our shadowy antagonists, giving us enough info about the world lore and 'dust' to give us a brief idea without drowning us in exposition and some much-needed character interaction, setting up the plot nicely.

Stuff I can nit-pick? The drawn-animated section in the airship was a little jarring to see, I suppose...

Awesome Monty-driven fight scenes aside, I do want to see how well this series is able to carry the story based on what happens in between the gun-scyth stuff. With Miles at the writers helm and with his track record in RvB, I'm sure we're in for a good ride, but again we need to wait and see.

I'm pleased RT has decided to do something so different to what so many of us have come to expect, but worried that it may not be as dazzling as many may hope it to be.

However, it is very early days and we've yet to get into the nitty-gritty. A few more episodes and we'll see what Monty, Miles and co. have in store for all of us.

tl;dr - First I was like then I was all like but gotta wait for when I can be like or
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