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27 year-old female from Louisville, KY
married, can't drive without music, i eat anchovies on my pizza b/c of an episode of futurama, i love metal gear solid!!! anything that can include pirates, cowboys, anime, manga, and art into one ball of awesome is gonna be a super win for me, i love Asian food-especially all the weird sushi. i think, like most people, I'm stuck loving all the stupid crap i did as a kid which fortunately is stuff from the late 80's through the early 00's (the best stuff).
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Happy Valentine's Day...well, the day started out pretty well. decided to celebrate v-day/josh's b-day today..... woke up to surprise chocolates and a vase of live, bulb-included tulips of unknown color, lol, very cool. gave josh a Nintendo DS lite (his idea, i swear) and Pokemon: Heart of Gold. then our dog went into a grand mal seizure with a ton of blood pouring out of her mouth. did not expect that O_O. she came out of it fine, but took her to the vet anyway, which apparently she loves? of course it was almost 10 at night by the time we got outta there and the pharmacy was closed. almost made it through the entire night scot-free when she had another fit at quarter to 8. she's fine again, but now i think we all, herself included, are too paranoid to sleep. *sigh* only two more hours 'till the pharmacy opens and we can get her some meds. hope we can all last that long, i'm running on empty and she's pacing around like she's expecting something to happen. josh is fine on his DS however, lol
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