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Last 10 Slogans I need help with....First I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you that helped find all of the slogans that you did!!! This class is really kicking my butt and I never would have been able to find all of those alone!!!

I went through the list and pulled out the ones that I am still missing, a couple of these a very vague (did I mention I can't stand how difficult the teacher is making this class? You should see the other assignments I've had!!) If you can help it would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Here they are:

1. Calling all business owners.
2. The independent spirit.
3. Create something great.
4. Brighter.
5. Surprisingly simple.
6. Get back out there.
7. The better way.
8. Feel better.
9. More power to you.
10. Just what’s good.
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