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Coming BackI haven't journaled here in a looong time. Looking back, Goddamn was I a whiny punk back when I did. But I guess that's to be expected given that I started posting them TEN FUCKING YEARS AGO! Where did all that time go?

It says something about the people here that so many of us have been around for so long. I remember when the internet was still new and cool and PHPBB forums were a dime-a-dozen. This was THE way to communicate and have political arguments and be exposed to new, interesting, and underground things. Most of them have guttered out by now, either having the vibrancy snuffed out of them by insular cliques or just having their communities atrophied out from having everyone spinning off into side-gigs, onto social networks, or into impersonal time-sinks like Reddit.

I can't think of many places around the internet left that have the same kinds of persistent communities of people where folks know each other and just shoot the shit anymore. I don't think anyone I interact with on this site even watches the actual RT content anymore. While I didn't really do anything to keep RT thriving, I'm still somewhat proud that I've been a part of something that lasted.

To be honest, this whole post was basically just an excuse for me to try out typing on my new Das Keyboard (which is amazing BTW, even if I end up fat-fingers the ! and @ keys sometimes). Upon review, though, I'm glad I had the time to put those feelings up there into writing. Maybe I'll do it more often. . .
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