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38 year-old male from Denver, CO
About me: Hmmmm....what hasn't been said already.....hmmmm....well, I'm 27....go to school, got a new job.....hmmmmm.....FUCK....all that was already stated in here...I'm no good at this shit
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D'OhI hate computers!!! I had another FU*$ up last night and had to reinstall windows on my computer. They should rename there company to MicroHell....

Anyway, its always good to see a new RvB video!!!

Oh, and lets not have all the ladies throwing themselves at me today :)
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Name Nate
Occupation Full Time student and retail whore
Birthday February 24th, 1977
Interests video games movies sports and if the amount of time you spend has any indication on interests then I must like homework too.
Music Rock Alternative 80s Rap and I hate 95% of the country music out there.
Movies Pulp Fiction and anything Tarantino Clerks and Kevin Smiths other movies Silence of the Lambs Goonies and ALOT more
TV Shows 24 The Shield The Practice (Boston Legal now) and sometimes the CSIs