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Crossposted from my facebookNever got a chance to meet, or even talk to, Monty Oum but he was definitely one of the most driven people I've ever seen. There's no scale for creativity to be judged by, but I have never found that guy wanting. He redefined Red vs. Blue's aesthetic and spirit with his animation skills, he made RWBY and while, yes, I know, he didn't do any of those things alone, they would have never had the same success without him.

Sadly for the world, he left yesterday. I'm not great with words, in fact, when I heard about this twenty minutes ago, my only comment was a single word.


Fuck that someone so talented is gone. Fuck that the hospital was at gave him medication he was allergic to, and put him in a coma. Fuck that the amazing fans who donated 50,000$ in three hours to cover the medical expenses, and then some, because they wanted him better asap. Fuck that I don't know the right words. Fuck that even if I did, they wouldn't change a thing.

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