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Please say something to me.... i'm so alone..... HAHA GOT YOU! I HAVE FRIENDS AND I WANT YOU TO BE ONE OF THEM!!!


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Breaking the 4th Wall hereSo you might be curious where I went for a hot minute, pretty much after RTX. Well let me tell you the adventure of this year, I had quite a few ups but a couple big downs. So most of you might know I was very overweight as of last summer: 6' 1" 240 lbs... I didn't feel good at all about my self. SO I started a intense work out regiment and a strict diet. I grew stronger and stronger every day and by Christmas I was 190 lbs and in pretty good shape, I was even training for a triathlon. It became an addiction, the strive for physical perfection. By June I was 155 lbs of 8% body fat, I was everything I wanted to achieve. But it all started to go down hill. It started off with my parents getting a divorce, it made me not want to eat, drink, or socialize. If you don't know this, when you eat a deficite in calories your body catabolize fat, that is how dieting and weight loss works. But when you are the bare bone minimum of functional weight.... well, it starts to eat your muscles and I had a lot for it to eat. As I loss my new Identity I fell into a deeper depression, every day I grew weaker and weaker and my brain grew a fog. Once I hit what I thought was bottom in less then a month I dropped 20 more lbs again and that's when the doctors found my tumor. They did not know what it was at first: If it was cancerous or dangerous but they knew they needed to take it out ASAP. This additional stress and soon to be lack of working out hindered my mind even more. This is where I went to the doctors again, weighing a whopping 120 pounds and was noting but skin and bones. This is right after RTX, about 3 weeks... When I went I was diagnosed with Anorexia, something in a million years I never thought would happen to me, or even guys for that matter. I guess deep down I knew I was suffering but I didn't want to say it. My doctor told me if I kept at my current pace, I would be dead in less then a year. I did not take her seriously, in 2 more weeks I needed to be admitted into a hospital. At this time I was 106 lbs being 6' 1" I was weak and in absolute agony. After extensive therapy I got better and better. I am a a great weight now, a tad over weight but hey its better then being months away from death. I have a solid mussle build and out of my mental fog. Anorexia is just as much a physical sickness as a mental one, my mental wit diapered, my cognition, my humor, and being social was poison to me. But I feel like I have a new life now, and a new take on it. So let 2015 be the year of the Nerdist!

I guess I have to show pics or it didn't happen:

This is me about October 5th

This was me yesterday
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