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33 year-old male from Fernley, NV (Originally: Alleyton, TX)
For you YTMND addicts: My YTMNDs can be seen here.

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Also with %100 more color!
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Name David Vohs
Occupation U.S. Navy meteorologist.
Birthday December 1st, 1981
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Music A nice mix of everything from AC/DC to Richard Cheese to Run-DMC to No Doubt and most everything in between. Or just whatever happens to be on my iPod at any given time (I love that little thing!)
Movies Pi Kentucky Fried Movie Roxanne The Dark Side of Oz Bill Cosby: Himself Animusic Animusic 2 and a few others.
TV Shows Red vs. Blue (That's a given!) Golden Boy Beavis & Butt-head The Colbert Report & Mobile Suit Gundam (the first and best Gundam series!)