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22 year-old male from Perth, Australia
I don't see a need for some in depth biography, it would be more useful if I was dead and people needed to learn what I was like. So, once I'm deceased, I'll be sure to update this About section to something so riveting it'll be published as a proper book. A hard cover book because they always seem more important. And then they'll make a film rendition. Then hopefully I'll have a cult following that will complain that the movie doesn't do the book justice.

I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith got into a masturbatin' contest with a charger?
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NeutralGreen Snorlax
Update..Well, it's been a while. A lot has happened to this young Australian in the past 7/8 months. The biggest news would be that I'm happy to say I've pushed through the majority of health issues I had, with just lingering effects left. Nothing I can't deal with.
I also got a job after 4 years of being unable to work. So that's exciting. It's a retail salesperson position at an electronics store, and I start this coming Tuesday.

Aside from that tidbit, I've gotten myself addicted to two things. Civilization: Beyond Earth and Vikings.
Civ is self explanatory, it's a Firaxis game and you can't go wrong. Still retains the lovely "just one more turn&quo...
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Name Dean Lecoq
Occupation Professional Dragon Slayer, known throughout Tamriel for my deeds.
Birthday February 21st, 1992
Interests Gaming mainly. Xbox and PC.
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