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23 year-old male from Perth, Australia
I don't see a need for some in depth biography, it would be more useful if I was dead and people needed to learn what I was like. So, once I'm deceased, I'll be sure to update this About section to something so riveting it'll be published as a proper book. A hard cover book because they always seem more important. And then they'll make a film rendition. Then hopefully I'll have a cult following that will complain that the movie doesn't do the book justice.

I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith got into a masturbatin' contest with a charger?
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Rest in Peace Monty OumMy condolences to all the family, friends and fans mourning this terrible loss, the void he leaves in this world will never be filled. May his inspiration live on forever.

You'll be missed Monty.

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Name Dean Lecoq
Occupation Professional Dragon Slayer, known throughout Tamriel for my deeds.
Birthday February 21st, 1992
Interests Gaming mainly. Xbox and PC.
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