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22 year-old male from Perth, Australia
I don't see a need for some in depth biography, it would be more useful if I was dead and people needed to learn what I was like. So, once I'm deceased, I'll be sure to update this About section to something so riveting it'll be published as a proper book. A hard cover book because they always seem more important. And then they'll make a film rendition. Then hopefully I'll have a cult following that will complain that the movie doesn't do the book justice.

I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith got into a masturbatin' contest with a charger?
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Update..Well, it's been a while. A lot has happened to this young Australian in the past 7/8 months. The biggest news would be that I'm happy to say I've pushed through the majority of health issues I had, with just lingering effects left. Nothing I can't deal with.
I also got a job after 4 years of being unable to work. So that's exciting. It's a retail salesperson position at an electronics store, and I start this coming Tuesday.

Aside from that tidbit, I've gotten myself addicted to two things. Civilization: Beyond Earth and Vikings.
Civ is self explanatory, it's a Firaxis game and you can't go wrong. Still retains the lovely "just one more turn" feeling like every other title.
Vikings, sweet mercy that show is good. The primary reasons being two characters...

Seriously, if you haven't watched Vikings, get on it.

That's enough from me though, I'll be sure to try stay regular here because frankly, I miss it so very much. Hope you've all been well, see you around.
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Name Dean Lecoq
Occupation Professional Dragon Slayer, known throughout Tamriel for my deeds.
Birthday February 21st, 1992
Interests Gaming mainly. Xbox and PC.
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