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aeon Legends Chapter 3-2 part 2(new)~1:00 A.M.~

Tera wakes up in her room, she sits up in her bed and looks around, acting as though she expected someone to be there.
When she sees that no one is there she gets out of bed and walks down the hall toward the room that Cain is staying in. She opens the door and sees him standing, fully dressed in front of the window. As if he is waiting for something.
Tera rubs her eyes, just to make sure she is really awake. "Cain, What's the matter?"
"There is something wrong," He says, still looking out the window. "There are no animals. No owls, no insects, not even a cat. Something is coming... GET DOWN"
As soon as he yells that, several explosions come from out side. Cain and Tera are thrown out into the hallway by a blast that tears apart the room they were just in. Before she can say anything Cain is gone and out the door.

Cain looks around, trying to see where the blasts had come from. Then he looks down the road and sees the source of the explosions. The light from the full moon reveals a creature like none Cain had ever seen before. The creature has a right arm covered in blood stained thorns. The left arm is covered in spikes. His hands are long claws with what appeared to be bayonets projecting from the wrists. Its legs had three blades coming from the shins.
Shocked Cain could only ask one question. "What the hell are you?"
There is one single response from the creature, "Kill Cain Rashya" As the words leave its mouth the creature charges at Cain and knocks him back into a building. Cains body flies through the wooden building like a bullet through a paper bag. Thinking that Cain is surely dead the creature slowly stands up. Then something begins to move in the building. The creature looks, and sees Cain pull himself out of the debris.
Dusting himself off "You did not answer my question." He jumps out from the debris.
This time the creature answers "I...am Neos...I ordered to...kill Cain..."
"Well I simply cannot let you do that, I have a very busy week ahead of me."
Unamused by Cain's joke Neos charges again. This time Cain is able to block its attack with his No-Di-Chi. But the force of the attack still sends him back a few feet. Cain recovers and counters with a slash at Neos. He looks to see if his blade had connected with its target and sees that his attack was a total failure. Then a ball of light and dark energy comes from the sky. Cain is unable to dodge it and is blown back into another building. The wooden roof over the deck collapses and lands on Cain. after a minute Cain pops himself out from the broken boards. Emerging from the rubble he looks to where the energy blast had come from and sees Neos floating in the sky with two huge white boned wings. Each of the wings is draped in a thin veil of black skin.
"Oh come on! Now that is just not fair! But hell, if it is an air fight you want then it is an air fight your gonna get." Cain makes three hand signs. One of life, one of Fire, and the final of Re-birth. Flames rise from the ground and a pillar of flames surrounds Cain. At the top of the pillar is a sphere of flames. The flames around the sphere disperse in all directions, and a giant Phoenix emerges.
"Now then..." a tiny smile appears on his face, "Phoenix, Fusion!" The giant bird flies straight down at Cain, and disappears. Then a wave of flames expands from Cain's body. From the burst of flames a red object shoots into the air. Cain has become enveloped with fire. The flames solidify and turn into armor, and two large flames from his back turn into wings. Now floating in the air with Neos. "Alright lets get this thing rollin sunshine."
After that Cain charges toward Neos, who evades a quick slash and chases after Cain with a thrust of his claws. Cain disappears as the claws pass through a fleeting shadow. He reappears and shoots pasts Neos, cutting off his left arm and leaving the left side of his body badly burned. Coming to a stop a little ways past Neos, Cain turns and readies himself for a counter attack. Neos begins to laugh "You think a simple attack like that could kill me?" His arm slowly begins to regenerate. "I am invincible..."
Cain smiles "No one is invincible, you just haven't been beaten yet."
As he readies for his next attack, Neos hurls another energy blast toward Cain, who charges straight at Neos. The energy blast hits square with Cains blade. A burst of smoke and several waves of energy slowly fade away, revealing Cain unharmed, a few trailing cords of smoke wrapping themselves around his blade. His No-Di-Chi bursts into flames, "FLARE WAVE", Cain swings his No-Di-Chi and a long rope of flames flies through the air and wraps itself around Noes. Cain then turns the blade in his right hand, the edge of it now facing Neos. With a single beat of his flaming wings, Cain rockets toward Neos. He passes right through Neos, cutting him in two. The two halves of Neos begin to slowly burn, and then burst into flames turn to ash as they fall to the ground.
Cain lands on the street, the wings and armor fade away and He returns the No-Di-Chi to its scabbard. "Nobody is invincible." Then Cain passes out and falls to the ground.

End Chapter Three
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