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Podcast 204It is what everyone feared. A brand new science filled podcast!!! Listen as we butcher subjects like gravity and personal hygiene. This week brought to you courtesy of

We also have a new RTAA filled with terrible stories involving plane travel.

Finally, last week's podcast is now available on YouTube for non sponsors.

Literally hours of entertainment at your digital fingertips!
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I actually rather like the Science talk podcast. They're informative and make me think!
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Bamfwamf Sponsor
Gus will act like he knows what he's talking about, but a lot of what he says would get him laughed out of a high school physics class. Still funny, just not to be taken as accurate!
#3  Posted 1 year ago
-1 Hude You're so moss.
#4  Posted 1 year ago
RMulligan Demand Bacon
Now we wait for the inevitable switch to the science section of iTunes
#2  Posted 1 year ago
I wouldn't ccall it "science filled" more like "Gavin talks about 'science' whilst everyone else actually talks about science"
#3  Posted 1 year ago
i agree with Caboose Gavin usually doesnt know what he is talking about like Headlight Fluid
#4  Posted 1 year ago
iiREALiiTYii Deal With It
You're trying to hard.
#1  Posted 1 year ago
and you're trying to you go and think about that
#2  Posted 1 year ago
I cringe at some of the science discussion on the podcast, and find it utterly hilarious at the same time.
#5  Posted 1 year ago
spik33_goose Sponsor
i liked the science talk, though gus you did get right how gps satellites work. they sadly are not off on their timing. the navstar system is constantly updated and monitored by several ground based monitoring stations around the world.
#6  Posted 1 year ago
AblazeAce donutella
More science discussion on the podcast please. It makes it so entertaining especially when Gavin's brain box is developing questions.
#7  Posted 1 year ago
Kiwi Ladies of RT
I think I'm going to avoid this podcast. I'm a scientist, and sometimes... I want to march down there and slap some people. Congrats on 1MM likes for RvB on Facebook, though! Awesome!
#8  Posted 1 year ago
Rooster Teeth sciency podcasts... the easiest way to point out people that have nothing better to do than constantly correct the people they go to for entertainment
#9  Posted 1 year ago
Just wanted to say, you guys have been lagging on the itunes uploads lately. Still love every episode. Keep up the great work!
#10  Posted 1 year ago
Fun podcast.
#11  Posted 1 year ago
Fuck Yeah!
#12  Posted 1 year ago
#13  Posted 1 year ago
soundhound Bill Cosby
Who doesn't love a podcast about science from people who have no background in it!? I loved it. It would be hilarious to see Gavin try to explain quantum mechanics with no prior research. 3 seconds in... "I thought quark was another name for a clunge"
#14  Posted 1 year ago
Got to love the new podcasts :)
#15  Posted 1 year ago
the HIGH point of my day in work (made me laugh like an idiot while pulling a pump trolley full of electronic stuff [i bet i looked like an madman with a bomb with him -_-] but god damn it was good :D )
#16  Posted 1 year ago
McCon Sponsor
Podcasts are always good.
#17  Posted 1 year ago
Hey, the podcast still isnt on itunes....
#18  Posted 1 year ago
I'm not scientist. But I actually enjoy this science talk. And Gavin's theories (the British ones) always make sense to me. Maybe I'm more scientist than I first thunk.
#19  Posted 1 year ago
#20  Posted 1 year ago
I've downloaded it from iTunes
#1  Posted 1 year ago
JBless Sponsor
I went on itunes on my computer and subscribed to the rt podcast and it automatically downloaded 204 even tho it doesnt show it in the store
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Kynton Sponsor
Ahhh Gavin and Science; a potent combination.
#21  Posted 1 year ago
#22  Posted 1 year ago
Who doesn't enjoy a science podcast, especially when it attempts to make Gavin think more than he usually does. Great combination, Gavin and thinking. Always makes me laugh.
#23  Posted 1 year ago
Shade_redux Disgruntled
Please stop talking about science in the podcast. Please. Stop. Stop talking about science. It's always just boring and frustrating.
#24  Posted 1 year ago
KevinClayton Not An Onion
Welcome to the comments section. Where people have sticks up their asses and have to feel superior to everyone else.

It's comedy, that's all it is guys.
#25  Posted 1 year ago
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