T-Shirt Tuesday and SALE!Red vs. Blue Season 11 starts THIS FRIDAY, and what better way to celebrate than with new shirts and a Store Sale! For the next 11 days, get 11% off ALL RED VS. BLUE Merchandise! This includes shirts, DVDs, hats, and so on.
After checkout, enter code "rvb11sale" in the Promotional Code box to apply your discount (remember, the sale only applies to RvB Merchandise).

Looking for something to get? We have 2 new shirts, one for Red Team and one for Blue Team. If that weren't enough, they are also available as Custom Shirts!

Remember to join us this Friday, 7 PM Central for Sponsors, 8:30 PM Central for registered site users, and 9 PM Central for the Public, for the first episode of RvB Season 11.
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Can you pay in British pounds?
#1  Posted 10 months ago
rhinofever Sponsor
Can we pay in gumbins
#3  Posted 10 months ago
OMG really, im totally going to click that link......not
#4  Posted 10 months ago
GamerGirl56 FanGirl
I just received my rvb dvd yesterday.... -_- Oh well, money going to a good company

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#2  Posted 10 months ago
BoARaccoon Sponsor
happened to me on their anniversary :p
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Duckosaurus SweetJumpz
Can't wait till you guys get to season 100. Free stuff woo!
#3  Posted 10 months ago
I want to buy this for my girlfriend when will this be available in women's sizes? shes a.... "32, E" that's all you need to know right?
#4  Posted 10 months ago
JPlus Sponsor
So what, in Season 200 do we get the product plus the price of the item for free?
#5  Posted 10 months ago
aww yiss
#6  Posted 10 months ago
It's time tro represent red team.
#7  Posted 10 months ago
Ah man, I can't believe that I missed spelled that.
#1  Posted 10 months ago
Buenos dais cockbites. Guess whose back?
#8  Posted 10 months ago
Shotguner88 Sponsor
Aw dicks, I just ordered a bunch of stuff last night.
#9  Posted 10 months ago
Well... Guess its time to represent redteam!!
#10  Posted 10 months ago
Jageraw Sponsor
Was gonna be reppin dat blue but..sold out?
#11  Posted 10 months ago
rvb starts on my 23 bday sweet
#12  Posted 10 months ago
jaclaydon Sponsor
Gooooooooo Blue team!!!!!
#13  Posted 10 months ago
There ain't nothing better than a T-shirt sale!
#14  Posted 10 months ago
scottster246 Angels lad
So if we buy AH merch as well, how does the discount work, is it 11% off the total of the RvB merch?
#15  Posted 10 months ago
scottster246 Angels lad
Yeah, I forgot you could check the price before you order, thanks for the help though, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go wait to be raped by customs
#2  Posted 10 months ago
Have fun with that!
#3  Posted 10 months ago
10% off during the 10 year anniversary.
11% off after the season 11 premiere.
...I can't wait until season 100 of RVB
#16  Posted 10 months ago
CAN'T WAIT, going to represent those Blues(Caboose).
#17  Posted 10 months ago
I got a grifball custom shirt, and it cost me 35.11 CAD with shipping and taxes. Thank you Rooster Teeth!
#18  Posted 10 months ago
#19  Posted 10 months ago
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