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Gauntlet 2 Try-outs at RTX!That's right, the Gauntlet is back! Season 2 is going to be even bigger and better, starting with try-outs at RTX!!!

We'll be holding high score competitions in 4 games at the Gauntlet booth:
- Game 1: Trials Evolution - Friday 7/5, noon to 2:30pm
- Game 2: Geometry Wars 2 - Friday 7/5, 3:30pm to 6pm
- Game 3: BattleBlock Theater - Saturday 7/6, 9:30am to 1pm
- Game 4: 'Splosion Man - Saturday 7/6, 2pm to 6pm

From the winners of those contests we will choose 16 semi-finalists that will compete on the Center Stage on Sunday 7/7, 10:30am to 11:30am. It's going to be a a lot of fun!

Now the rules:
- Contestants must be at least 18 years old as of July 5, 2013 - the first day of RTX. If you were born after July 5, 1995 you will not be able to participate. No exceptions.
- You must be available at any point during the entirety of RTX. If you are planning to leave early Sunday or have some other obligations during the show you should not try out.
- You must be available to be in Austin for our main shoot from Sept. 22 - 28, 2013. Those dates are very important. If you can't be in Austin that week, do not try out.
- You can compete in more than one game and get back in line to try again as many times as you want. However, you cannot be a semi-finalist in more than one game.
- You must be willing to appear on camera.
- You must have fun and not be a grumpus.

This year on the show we are going to be joined by some special guests and the prize money will be going to charity. We'll have a lot more details on the show later this summer, so be on the lookout. We can't wait to meet our new Gauntlet contestants at RTX!
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Deltaverse Thing Sayer
As one who will not be attending RTX, may I just say "GOD DAMMIT WHY CAN'T I BE THERE?"
#1  Posted 9 months ago
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#3  Posted 9 months ago
#4  Posted 9 months ago
Talamaar Gauntlet 2
This sounds fun as ever, enjoyed the first season very much so this I doubt will disappoint. Definitely going to fail miserably trying but it's for fun!
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Deltasword Vode An
DAMNIT!!! I hope you guys do this at next years RTX!
#3  Posted 9 months ago
ColinN Sponsor
RTX is like the candy store from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and I am Charlie; unable to join in all the fun and joy of this amazing event. I will make sure to get a ticket to RTX next year and yes, it better be a golden one!
#4  Posted 9 months ago
If you were charlie you would see and join ALL the fun and joy
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Xalgen Galen
Well now I'm depressed. Now to play a game on easy mode and find cruel ways to kill bad guys so I will feel better. Someone kick some ass for me. Good luck to all who try out.
#5  Posted 9 months ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
Man. RWBY,Gauntlet 2, Red vs Blue, Day 6(7). We are going to have an awesome series of shows coming out.
#6  Posted 9 months ago
BombayMix Sponsor
Don't forget Immersion!
#4  Posted 9 months ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
True but they said Immersion not coming out till afte a few of the ones that I mentioned above.


#5  Posted 9 months ago
Colossal hitirokeke
Incredible idea, which makes me incredibly jealous that I can't join in!
#7  Posted 9 months ago
I would love to try out, but I can't be there in September... Oh well... Will be fun to watch.
#8  Posted 9 months ago
Really makes me wish I was going to RTX this year. Good luck everyone else :)
#9  Posted 9 months ago
One: next year when I turn 18, I'm auditioning for the Gauntlet Season 3(surely there will be). Two: this is why I love you Jack. Even though the lads say it more often, you know how to perfectly tease things. I didn't get to meet you last year and I'm going to try my hardest to meet you this year!
#10  Posted 9 months ago
Well I'm stupid. Miss read that as Jack.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
lancer820 Michigan
i am so minged off right now
#11  Posted 9 months ago
lancer820 Michigan
true the only thing seperating me from my goal is 2 years and 1300 miles
#4  Posted 9 months ago
1 year and 3000 miles is what seperates me
#5  Posted 9 months ago
KevinClayton Not An Onion
"- You must be willing to be appear on camera."

Just a typo.

Don't hurt me.
#12  Posted 9 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
Nice catch. LOL. I didn't even notice the typo 'till I read this.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Well fuck! Not 18 and no ticket... those who r going, kick ass for me. It would be much appreciated.
#13  Posted 9 months ago
Cool people that know what Rooster Teeth is are gonna be competing
#14  Posted 9 months ago
damn, if i would have known Gauntlet 2 auditions were going to be at RTX I would have actually gotten a ticket to RTX. I've always wanted to be in Sci Fi's "WCG: Ultimate Gamer" but since that show is no more, The Gauntlet is the next best thing.
#15  Posted 9 months ago
Quick question, will Ms Ali Baker be the host again????
#16  Posted 9 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
Awwwwww man!! Now I wish more than ever that I could be at RTX. *sigh* not that I'd really try out anyways. I live in GA and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to be back out in Austin in September. Still, one can have dreams, right? is the show going to be posted again like the last season was?
#17  Posted 9 months ago
Gamerdw Nerd
I can't wait to have Burnie sit back on his throne and 'act' like a jerk again.
#18  Posted 9 months ago
conrad500 Awesome
This makes me sad to be a guardian...
#19  Posted 9 months ago
sweet season 2 of the guantlet
#20  Posted 9 months ago
r0n0c Sponsor
Well right now I'm really hating the fact that I was born in December of 1995. This sounds so cool! I'm definitely going to cheer the contestants on at RTX!
#21  Posted 9 months ago
Eric_W Sponsor
Now if only I could go to RTX and be better at video games...
#22  Posted 9 months ago
Cyber34 Gauntlet Win
I'm happy for another season
#23  Posted 9 months ago
#24  Posted 9 months ago
LordLethonai Just Gaming
Aaooh no, and I can't even be there. Is that an RTX exclusive? Well, best of luck to those who get the chance to try out, though. I really enjoyed Season 1, and can't wait for Season 2.
#25  Posted 9 months ago
xLoganx Sponsor
*sigh* Maybe next year.
#26  Posted 9 months ago
I like that one of the rules is "don't be a grumpus."
#27  Posted 9 months ago
awesome a can't wait!!
#28  Posted 9 months ago
next year Matt.... wait for me....
#29  Posted 9 months ago
lethal1ty Relic
I wonder if I should even try... I've never ever ever even touched one of those games... :(
#30  Posted 9 months ago
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