T-Shirt Tuesday + BONUS!This week's shirt is the "playing card" shirt. "Playing Card?" you might ask...

If you were at RTX 2013, one of the gifts you got in your goodie bag was a Rooster Teeth deck of cards. We've put these up in our store along with this week's T-Shirt to match! Grab them both today!
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craZboy87 Guardian Hat
Remember to grab surplus of cards so you can keep playing RT Pick Up.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Khronos Sponsor
Man...I thought the cards would have been an RTX exclusive. Now EVERYONE gets them...
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Well yeah... I live in fucking Sweden, it's not that easy to just go to RTX
#3  Posted 9 months ago
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#4  Posted 9 months ago
Gamerdw Nerd
#3  Posted 9 months ago
Timmzy27 Sponsor
It needs an extra card called "The Dunce" just for Gavin XD
#4  Posted 9 months ago
trojanrabbit Bluetard
Well, one of the Joker cards IS of X-Ray and Vav.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Timmzy27 Sponsor
I know they to put both of them on one card but still would have been funny.
#2  Posted 9 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
I find it amusing this comes out right as I'm thinking about how I can't get a deck of cards from here. LOL. I'm something of a small time collector when it comes to decks of cards so I TOTALLY want this. More for the cards than the shirt, actually. LOL
#5  Posted 9 months ago
if you check out kickstarter you can back some really cool decks of cards. Not only will you be supporting someone with a dream but you'll also be grabbing a semi exclusive pack of cards. Here's an example :)
#1  Posted 9 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
That's ... really bloody awesome! You just got my hero points today.
#2  Posted 9 months ago
WhiskyOmega Sponsor
Hmm...I like the design of this shirt and looks like something I just might pick up for myself to go with my RT Podcast "Chalk board" shirt.
#6  Posted 9 months ago
Katerater LovesScruffy
Now a shirt like that in blue would be nice~
#7  Posted 9 months ago
NYCowboy RTX Guardian
I wonder where y'all go those cards from, it's not like y'all had about 4 boxes of those on Monday that we took back to the office or anything haha :D

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#8  Posted 9 months ago
MarkFlynt1 Nobhead Pro
This looks amazing. I just need more money so I can add that and the cards to my collection.
#9  Posted 9 months ago
Moonlight15 Red Army
The only thing I don't like about this. Is that the deck of cards is no longer a RTX exclusive item.
I'm kind of surprised this shirt wasn't at RTX, would kind of make sense with the cards.
Also I can't wait for the comments when you guys release a certain shirt that was available at RTX based on a popular Achievement Hunter video lol
#10  Posted 9 months ago
Seems like they should have released a blue variant for the RT store to keep the RTX version as an exclusive.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
i.... i want them
#11  Posted 9 months ago
deadac3 SWAG Master
I will Never play with any-other cards
#12  Posted 9 months ago
Mozzla94 Artist
I wish there was a UK store for rooster teeth stuff but sadly there isn't but I'm still going to buy this just for the cards :)
#13  Posted 9 months ago
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#14  Posted 9 months ago
Ever since i got back from RTX i've used those cards every day with my friends during lunch! Best gift bag idea ever, and the cards slide nicely! ...I'm just here to talk about how awesome these damn cards are.
#15  Posted 9 months ago
MintierHippo Sponsor
Jesus that is awesome! Now I just need to find some friends who aren't teetotalers and I can play strip poker in style!
#16  Posted 9 months ago
I wish I got the playing cards
#17  Posted 8 months ago
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