The RWBY Premiere!Today is the day- Episode 1 of RWBY is released upon the world. We have a ton of awesome things going on to celebrate- READ ON!

1 PM Central/11 AM Pacific
Join MTV Geek for an exclusive clip from the first episode AND a Live Stream from San Diego Comic Con with some of the RWBY Cast! Watch it here!

4 PM Central/2 PM Pacific
To get pumped up for the episode release, we'll be doing another live stream- this time from the office! Join some of the cast and crew as we take your questions and talk about how we're all excited for this series. This stream is for everyone, and will be on our YouTube Channel and the RT Site!

5 PM Central/3 PM Pacific
Episode 1 of RWBY is released for Sponsors on

7 PM Central/5 PM Pacific
Episode 1 of RWBY is released for the public on

But wait. There's more!

Since all of you are excited (which makes us incredibly happy), we have a RWBY Art Contest going on now until July 31st, AND we have put the RWBY Silhouette Poster in our store!

Thanks for being such amazing fans- we can't wait for you to see the episode!
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themilitantx X
#1  Posted 8 months ago
#1  Posted 8 months ago
If you think Julie`s story is shocking..., three weeks ago my friend's brother made $5241 just sitting there twenty hours a week at home and they're buddy's step-mother`s neighbour has done this for nine months and earnt more than $5241 part-time on there labtop. apply the guidelines ...
#2  Posted 8 months ago
So sponsors can view the new episode 2 hours before the public can. But what about site members who aren't sponsors do those people get to watch it a little earlier like with RvB?
#2  Posted 8 months ago
I am sure that members will get that 30 minutes before non-members as usual, they just didn't make notice of it.
#5  Posted 8 months ago
supersoaker Sponsor
Well gee aren't you overly self-entitled.
#6  Posted 8 months ago
Kira_Tsukasa Gundam Pilot
This is the greatest moment of my life. Even better than sex.
#3  Posted 8 months ago
Kira_Tsukasa Gundam Pilot
Right. I'm "not doing it right" and I must "reassess my life" because I don't think with my dick. I'll amend my ways immediately.
#3  Posted 8 months ago
Damn Kira you were so chill in Destiny what happened.
#4  Posted 8 months ago
mattbrow89 RTXcited
aw yah
#4  Posted 8 months ago
I'm so pumped
#5  Posted 8 months ago
Hell Yeah, Here we go!!!

Soon after a new seed will sprout and take root in the heart's and mind's of the community.

#6  Posted 8 months ago
Courf Space Cowboy
And now it's time for the 5 hour RWBY trailer marathon.
#7  Posted 8 months ago
supersoaker Sponsor
Yes. Ok. I'm down with this.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
denseus Oblivious
counting down the hours... then the minutes
#8  Posted 8 months ago
Woooooot I absolutely cannot wait. Only 4 hours 48 minutes to go!
#9  Posted 8 months ago
Charwager BAMF
It's gonna be badass.
#10  Posted 8 months ago
So excited! I know RWBY is going to be amazing, Monty never releases anything terrible.
#11  Posted 8 months ago
Truffinator Sponsor
I'll be there, at work so I'll have nothing better to do.
#12  Posted 8 months ago
AgentYork10 Sponsor
If you are in a difference time zone you may want to look at this, it's the time zone schedule for the RWBY if you are the EST, MST or PST you need to look at this so you need when to come in and watch it

6 PM Eastern- Sponsors
8 PM Eastern- Public

5 PM Central - Sponsors
7 PM Central - Public

4 PM Mountain - Sponsors
6 PM Mountain - Public

3 PM Pacific - Sponsors
5 PM Pacific - Public

For the Alaskan/Hawaiian time zones I was unable to do it but I figure that someone from these two time zones would post this on here.
#13  Posted 8 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
SWEET dude. Now everyone really should thank you.
#8  Posted 8 months ago
AgentYork10 Sponsor
Really you think so.
#9  Posted 8 months ago
xShadowAngel interNERD
I'm going to wear my RWBY shirt today. :3 Ahhh I;m so excited! I can't wait! <3
#14  Posted 8 months ago
Can't wait! Though I don't have any RWBY gear to wear for the event... v.v;
#15  Posted 8 months ago
Rooster teeth has come so far. I'm ready for another kick-ass show!!!!
#16  Posted 8 months ago
mexicanismo Sponsor
I'd love to see the rwby moon shirt. I wanted to pick one up at rtx but there were none left in my size D:
#17  Posted 8 months ago
so do u think i could get a link to episode 1 cuz i cnt find it and im really hoping to watch episode 1 of rwby
#18  Posted 8 months ago
X_Nation_1 Sponsor
There will be one if you click on Videos at the top of this page and click RWBY.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
X_Nation_1 Sponsor
Can not wait to dive into the RWBY universe!
#19  Posted 8 months ago
It's gonna be 8pm for those of us in Eastern Time =(
#20  Posted 8 months ago
I'm pumped! Let's do this thing!
#21  Posted 8 months ago
hopefully Ruby's voice isn't as terrible as it was in the trailer -_-
#22  Posted 8 months ago
Can't wait :D
#23  Posted 8 months ago
This is going to be fun!
#24  Posted 8 months ago
Rhodri2311 The Wrangler
Been looking forward to this, going to be a slow couple of hours.
#25  Posted 8 months ago
SkunknJahr Sponsor
Any ideas of how long the episode is going to be?
#26  Posted 8 months ago
If i get it right it will be 10 episodes ~5-10 minutes long .
#1  Posted 8 months ago
SkunknJahr Sponsor
Awesome, RvB length. Thanks!
#2  Posted 8 months ago
here it comes ... here it comes ppl ! Its like a Christmas baby ! YES !
#27  Posted 8 months ago
Im Ready Cant Bleeping wait and thank god its finally here. and McSpeederton
#28  Posted 8 months ago
I'm typically not the biggest anime fan, but its Rooster Teeth. I am really excited for this!
#29  Posted 8 months ago
dereckc1 The Master
Can't wait to see it again! And again, and again... You all know that's what you're doing too!
#30  Posted 8 months ago
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