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Beyond ThanksMy time here is limited as I stand here at my desk blasting girl talk whilst rigging, animating, checking scenes, editing, modeling....

A momentous day for me with far too many thanks to give and far more to say that I will such hold off to saying till a later date.

Till then I'll keep doing what I need to do, and give myself time to speak when I can. If I need speak at all.
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Fishtuition Eighth Sense
Right on, dude.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Whoa rubyrose6996, lay off the caffeine and use some punctuation, heh. Well, at least you seem to be living up to your namesake's fangirl personality.
#4  Posted 8 months ago
AlleyCrawler Sponsor
If you listen to the RTLife, Ruby said that you can only watch it on this site.
#5  Posted 8 months ago
Deltaverse Thing Sayer
Proud of you, Monty!
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Dawizard320 Sponsor
You are the best Monty!
#3  Posted 9 months ago
NixieShimo Black Kitten
The work you do is so amazing, Monty. RoosterTeeth has always been great but I really feel it picked up a certain level of epicness when you joined the staff. Keep it up man. Your fans are rooting for you.
#4  Posted 9 months ago
RWBY was wicked! I can't wait for more.
#5  Posted 9 months ago
Shadow_Hound Gone Fishing
Keep up the great work Monty! You help this community grow and make it worthwhile!
#6  Posted 9 months ago
GhostFig Sponsor
Thank you for having such an amazing imagination.
#7  Posted 9 months ago
LonelyG0d Pangalactic
Thank you for the great show. Doubtless RT would be way worse off without you.
#8  Posted 9 months ago
Well get back to work, things this incredible don't make themselves!
#9  Posted 9 months ago
Ryutsuisen Sponsor
We all love you Monty. Don't worry about us, just keep doing what you do and we'll be here to watch it and support it all.
#10  Posted 9 months ago
gi_goku RT4LIFE
Keep up the awesome work monty
#11  Posted 9 months ago
Charwager BAMF
A+ work.
#12  Posted 9 months ago
Deltasword Vode An
I might get into anime just because of you.
#13  Posted 9 months ago
Deltasword Vode An
Oh, I already watched that too... I forgot to mention that.
#6  Posted 8 months ago
Yaxure Sponsoringin
Desert Punk get on that sheeait!
#7  Posted 8 months ago
Eric90 Nerd FTW
Thank you for a great start to a new show I hope to watch for a very long time. I absolutely LOVE the music!!
#14  Posted 9 months ago
I know you did the band shoot with 1 of the RWBYsaruas but will we ever get a music video?
#15  Posted 9 months ago
Darkfire180 MHIFOF
Monty, you glorious bastard, you! Thanks for all your hard work!
#16  Posted 9 months ago
Joshwise Sponsor
You and your crew have done an incredible, wonderful job, Monty. We all appreciate the hard work you all have put in to create this wonderful series, and we look forward to seeing where everything goes. Best of luck to you all!
#17  Posted 9 months ago
Hey... Monty, this episode was fucking awesome, and I'm about to watch it for the 4th time!!!!
#18  Posted 9 months ago
Roselle press start
Congratulations to you and the RWBY team! The animation was beautiful, smooth and fitting. I'm entrusting my heart to you guys -- please don't break it too hard. I have faith in your writing team. Congratulations again!
#19  Posted 9 months ago
it came out amazing, you and the rest of the rwby team have worked so hard. congrats to all of you, man.
#20  Posted 9 months ago
Monty, let me just say a HUGE thank you to you right now, the first episode of RWBY was more amazing than i anticipated

so thank you, and keep doing what you do best, because we love every second of effort you put into it!
#21  Posted 9 months ago
RWBY is gunna be as big as red vs blue. Or even bigger. Can't wait for more episodes
#22  Posted 9 months ago
Well yea but it is gunna be pre big
#2  Posted 9 months ago
#3  Posted 9 months ago
#23  Posted 9 months ago
Deltasword Vode An
Have you been reading the Philosophy and theology forum threads?
#11  Posted 9 months ago
johnneyface Sponsor
It helps establish a full dimensional world, like the idea of greek and roman gods and their times it helps better understand characters and the world they live in
#12  Posted 9 months ago
MaxMarfuggi Futbol
It truly was a masterpiece. You and everyone in the RWBY crew really have outdone yourselves this time. Just fantastic work all around, and I cannot wait for more. Congrats Monty!
#24  Posted 9 months ago
Feet_first Sponsor
RWBY #1 was amazing Monty, I cannot wait for more episodes. A big thanks to you and the crew for bringing this to life.
#25  Posted 9 months ago
Gellister GAFSAG
That opening song and credits was off the chain.
#26  Posted 9 months ago
Monty, you are and the rest of your crew, are fucking awesome \m/
#27  Posted 9 months ago
Kahiau Kahiyao
*salute* Live long. Play hard.
#28  Posted 9 months ago
Bluboyz N7 Recruit
No need to thank us Monty, we thank you.
#29  Posted 9 months ago
DrewHarpo Sponsor
I couldn't agree more.
#1  Posted 9 months ago
Perfect way to put it.
#2  Posted 9 months ago
Can't wait for episode 2! Wow
#30  Posted 9 months ago
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