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Music from RWBY Now Available!Heyyyyyyyyyyy Guys. How's it goin? Hope things are good. I ran out of snacks in my apartment so I'm eating deli meat out of the bag. So... that's my day.

WELL, two tracks from RWBY are now available for download! You can get "This Will Be the Day" by Jeff Williams featuring the very talented Casey Lee Williams on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. The soundtrack for the first episode, "RWBY Chapter 1" by Jeff Williams is also available on iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play
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AJaxx15 GingerSnap
I've already downloaded "This will be the day" on itunes and I've got like 200 plays on it, lol. ^_^
#1  Posted 8 months ago
LemonLance Well then
Definitely gonna get this
#2  Posted 8 months ago
I am very much agree with your point of view ,I think it's doors very well this is our game sites recommended to
#1  Posted 8 months ago
skinnehpants Heinecorn
Brandon, i really want to teach you how to cook....
#3  Posted 8 months ago
Deltasword Vode An
Deli meat out of the bag? I guess that's a step up from the Michael Jones approach to eating food.
#4  Posted 8 months ago
Tudor Forum Mod
Aaaand bought!
#5  Posted 8 months ago
kriss eats rice
Next time I'm in Austin, I'm going to cook you something...

Thanks for the musics! @williams
#6  Posted 8 months ago
JDunlap SteamBeard
I recommend a package of pepperoni for snacking, if you're going to eat meat by itself.
#7  Posted 8 months ago
Downloaded all from Google play
#8  Posted 8 months ago
Rodogg Sponsor
Says it's not available in the U.S. iTunes store for me, will have to try later
#9  Posted 8 months ago
#10  Posted 8 months ago
Drak lazer cats
Made my weekend a whole lot better with new tunes to jam with
#11  Posted 8 months ago
Keegan Irish Rocker
Can we get a separately uploaded video of just the RWBY theme song intro (This Will Be The Day)? I would watch that shit on loop for hours! (and yes, I did buy the song from iTunes immediately after watching the first episode)

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#12  Posted 8 months ago
Assassinfoux Team Lads
Just downloaded it! Its amazing, thank you Brandon for giving us the links, and thank you Monty for making such an amazing show, even though episode 1 is the only one out!
#13  Posted 8 months ago
Awesome!!! But the Chapter 1 music is not available in the Canadian iTunes store.
#14  Posted 8 months ago
Godfather00 Sponsor
Having trouble with the Chapter 1 in Itunes. it keep saying that it is not available in the US store.
#15  Posted 8 months ago
Eric90 Nerd FTW
Bought it from Google Play the night of the premier and also like others have listen to it a ton already!
#16  Posted 8 months ago
williams Cast & Crew
We should sell the RWBY open as a music video on iTunes.....!!!
#17  Posted 8 months ago
Yes, yes you should.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Why cant I get it on the xbox music store?
#18  Posted 8 months ago
Zarattini Hero of Time
The music is my favorite part of the show, it's just perfect
#19  Posted 8 months ago
Hmm I'm really tempted to buy these, but I'm kinda waiting/hoping for a full season 1 soundtrack later on.
#20  Posted 8 months ago
DanaKS Sponsor
Google play is not available in my country. Do either iTunes or Amazon take paypal as a form of payment?
#21  Posted 8 months ago
killerrin Sponsor
Anything about when, and/or if the soundtracks will become available for Xbox Music?
#22  Posted 8 months ago
Awesome! But I'm still waiting for a Yang Theme song that isn't a remix of the other 3 girls' theme songs. Yang's theme in that bit seemed pretty epic, and I'd like to hear an extended version of that.
#23  Posted 8 months ago
I'm definitely doing that, but it wont show up til the soundtrack in the fall.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Awesome! :D
#2  Posted 8 months ago
Do the amount of "y's" on Brandon's "Hey" mean he wants to f*ck me?
#24  Posted 8 months ago
room for one more?
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Playzkool Sponsor
awesome super keen
#25  Posted 8 months ago
NickZalis Sponsor
Mirror Mirror has two identical versions available on the u.s. Itunes store. just a heads up and I wasnt sure where else to post about it.
#26  Posted 8 months ago
i shall listen to this awesome music
#27  Posted 8 months ago
Kaldus Sponsor
I must get it
#28  Posted 8 months ago
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#29  Posted 8 months ago
AMills Game Fuel
he was warning us about Donut's return!
#30  Posted 8 months ago
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