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RWBY Poster Contest: Winners!We received almost 900 entries for the RWBY Movie Poster Contest, and we can honestly say that this was the hardest time we've ever had choosing winners. Every entry was absolutely fantastic, and it was so clear how much work you all put into each one. Congratulations to all of you for blowing us away!

Due to the fact that there were so many amazing entries, we've decided to pick 10 winners instead of 5!
In no particular order, congratulations to...


You've all won a new RWBY Hoodie (now available in the RT Store) and the 4-pack of RWBY Slap Bands!
Thanks to everyone who participated. Most talented community in the world, AM I RIGHT?

See you all tonight for Episode 4 of RWBY!
8 months ago  |  Comments (90)
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Holy shit those are nice. Well done
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Yep. We've got some pretty awesome artists in our community.
#1  Posted 8 months ago
Congratulations to the winners! :D
#2  Posted 8 months ago
kriss eats rice
Congratulations everyone! All of your art is absolutely stunning!!! Fantastic work!
#3  Posted 8 months ago
windsockpupp UuU
Congratulations winners. You all are WOUNDERFUL artists. c:
#4  Posted 8 months ago
Congratulations guys, all your entries were great. :)
#5  Posted 8 months ago
Mozzla94 Artist
well done to all the winners :)
#6  Posted 8 months ago
Also.... Plot twist... One of these is the poster for the official rwby movie arc coming out later.
#7  Posted 8 months ago
jedicolor Sponsor
Gratz to the winners :)
#8  Posted 8 months ago
congrats to all the winners! you guys did great!
#9  Posted 8 months ago
All of these are amazing, congrats guys
#10  Posted 8 months ago
kylebrodeur RTX Guardian
Great job guys! Those posters are fantastic.
#11  Posted 8 months ago
Ajkilla07 Psychologist
Wow. These are some great posters. I'm sure everyone who submitted and did not get picked, did a great job as well.
#12  Posted 8 months ago
broadbean tonyharrison
These are all so beautiful! Congratulations guys!
#13  Posted 8 months ago
EricHVela Capt Coconut
Have I mentioned that I love this artistic community?

I have?

Well I'm stating it again. I love this artistic community! \ /

(EDIT: If it were me judging, the company would go broke from sending nearly 900 hoodies and slapbands to people.)

Post edited 8/08/13 2:08PM
#14  Posted 8 months ago
Congratulations!! Those works are fantastic!!
#15  Posted 8 months ago
SacredOwl Noble House
Those are all amazing, they definitely earned the gifts!
#16  Posted 8 months ago
KonaTheNinja Sponsor
I knew the one with the weapons would be a winner the second i saw it :D
#17  Posted 8 months ago
*Fist Bump*
#1  Posted 8 months ago
ShadeyJach Flawless
Whaaaaaat all these people be artistic up in this business. Seriously though this is some good stuff right here.
#18  Posted 8 months ago
BBMoose33 Bullwinkle
I want those posters so badly right now! So Awesome!!!!
#19  Posted 8 months ago
UntilNexTime Sponsor
Amazing artwork. Congratulations to the winners. :)
#20  Posted 8 months ago
cdogg580 Sponsor
Wow I wish I was that talented congratulation guys
#21  Posted 8 months ago
scottster246 Angels lad
Well, better luck next time.
And to all the winners
#22  Posted 8 months ago
Kokololio Shawol
Congratulations to the winners! These are are so amazing!
#23  Posted 8 months ago
Wish my art was a winner, but congrats to all of the creative competitors!
#24  Posted 8 months ago
Marrissalynn Sponsor
Congratulations winners! They're all so beautiful!
#25  Posted 8 months ago
Congratulations to all winners!!
#26  Posted 8 months ago
All are amazing. Congrats!
#27  Posted 8 months ago
it was so amazing to see all the awesome rwby posters :3
#28  Posted 8 months ago
X_Nation_1 Sponsor
Way to go guys, amazing talent within the RT community!
#29  Posted 8 months ago
congrats to the winners. I don't feel bad about loosing to any on them. (cept maybe a little bit for one of them, but only just a little)
#30  Posted 8 months ago
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