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Extra Life and Rooster Teeth and You and MeAloha folks,

I'm not sure if you caught today's AHWU or not, but I mentioned that myself and @Ray would be attending an Extra Life event here in the Austin area next Monday night, the 16th of September. The folks at the Microsoft Store in the Domain are having a GTA5 launch party with the added bonus of helping out with Extra Life. We'll be there hanging out, signing stuff, playing games and giving you the opportunity to sign up for Extra Life.

If you want more information about Extra Life, I recommend you check out their website, it's chock full of cool details and what not for the big event on November 2nd. While you're at it, why not join Team Rooster Teeth?

That being said, we'll be streaming live from the Rooster Teeth Headquarters on November 2nd. We're going to have a team of folks rotating throughout the event...all 25 hours of it. There will be giveaways, challenges and a ton of other goodies that we haven't even come up with yet.

There will be more information coming soon in regards to our Extra Life event we're hosting, but until then, you can check out our friends at the Austin chapter of Extra Life at their tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and website.

Until then, @Ray and I will see you next Monday night at the Microsoft Store in the Domain for some GTA5 shenanigans!

tl;dr -- Sign up for Rooster Teeth's Extra Life group and see @Ray and I at the MS Store in Austin next Monday night.
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Ugly_27 Sponsor
Link fail. :P
Extra Life, Rooster Teeth, Jack and Me, in a bed. I'll get the champaign.
But looking forward to the live stream. :D

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#1  Posted 7 months ago
Ugly_27 Sponsor
Oh wow! I must check this out! Thanks so much!
Now I know where to get my free viruses from. You have saved me watching a lot of internet porn and downloading software...

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#1  Posted 7 months ago
Audrey RTX Guardian
Yet another reason to curse the fact that I don't live in Austin. Damn.
#2  Posted 7 months ago
aengla Sponsor
Jack's my best friend! :D
#3  Posted 7 months ago
bigfish62 I LIKE THAT
I'm so excited for Extra Life this year!

Jack, do you know how to join the RT Team if I've already signed up and registered as a single? I assumed you could join up with a team after the fact but I can't seem to figure it out.
#4  Posted 7 months ago
MaxMarfuggi Futbol
I got that message too, but was able to find my name in the team roster. Have you checked for your name?
#3  Posted 7 months ago
bigfish62 I LIKE THAT
I just did. Still not in there. I sent an email to support asking what I can do. I really want to be part of the team.
#4  Posted 7 months ago
Dude, so stoked for this. I wish like hell that I could be there.
#5  Posted 7 months ago
JakeHCoker RTX Guardian
Sadly I will not be joining Team Rooster Teeth. Already signed up for Team Knuckles ^_^
#6  Posted 7 months ago
JaffaParty Hug Giver
TRAITOR! lol jk ;)
#1  Posted 7 months ago
Darth2514 Sponsor
Well I joined the team, shame I don't live in Austin though.
#7  Posted 7 months ago
I wish I lived in Austin, I really do. L.A. is too far away. D:
#8  Posted 7 months ago
MaxMarfuggi Futbol
Joined and donated! Hope that I helped!
#9  Posted 7 months ago
Bman Brad
Damn, suck that can't make it Jack, but looking forward to the livestream! Hope you guys have a good time
#10  Posted 7 months ago
I will watch all 25 hours of the livestream! Thanks you for doing it at the weekend aswell! Can't wait also I'll donate when I get some moneys
#11  Posted 7 months ago
This is why I need, nay MUST, move to TX!!!!!
#12  Posted 7 months ago
J3ST3R31 Shinnester
Man I wish I could join :(
#13  Posted 7 months ago
Pre-order at the Austin store before 9/15 to get 1600 LIVE points and to be entered to win a $250 Microsoft Store gift card! Follow the link for full details:
#14  Posted 7 months ago
What's going to be on the livestream?
#15  Posted 7 months ago
samurairose Badass
Does it matter what Children's Miracle Network Hospital we pick for TX?
#16  Posted 7 months ago
heffer0204 Cowman
Jack, thanks a bunch for doing stuff like this. It's really awesome to know that you guys care and are willing to go the extra mile for kids who need it.
#17  Posted 7 months ago
ChrisAdam Jedi Knight
i would join team RT but i already have my own team that we did last year, my team of 5 raised over 500 and most of that was from me and another member.
#18  Posted 7 months ago
IceCold138 Hi Im Tyler
Good job guys. This is why I love this community. So well bonded over the right things. Put that fame to good use. The way it should be used
#19  Posted 7 months ago
Lukey Sponsor
this is super fuckin cool. fair play for your involvement lads!
#20  Posted 7 months ago
Kiwi Ladies of RT
What is the chosen hospital?
#21  Posted 7 months ago
Kiwi Ladies of RT
@Audrey, @samurairose, would you like to help raise money via Ladies of Rooster Teeth?
#22  Posted 7 months ago
Kiwi Ladies of RT
We would pick the RT team too, we were going to do a couple events to raise money!
#2  Posted 7 months ago
samurairose Badass
Sounds awesome!
#3  Posted 7 months ago
Is Ryan playing? :)
#23  Posted 7 months ago
Gabehalo Sponsor
Will the live stream be on the roosterteeth/achievement hunter site, or will we have to sign up with extra life to be able to watch it?
#24  Posted 7 months ago
SirAudley Achieve
This is gonna be great I can't wait
#25  Posted 7 months ago
Br1an17 Seahawks
Wow I wish I lived in Austin that would be the perfect 18th birthday, next Monday.
#26  Posted 7 months ago
Virtual LT
I've said it before and I no doubt well say it again, why isn't Austin a little closer to Australia.
#27  Posted 7 months ago
Griffem Sir Dinosaur
Sounds like fun to watch you two have fun.
#28  Posted 7 months ago
James_Hale US Army
This is a pretty awesome thing you guys are doing. I wish I could join but I'm stuck in the desert so I sponsored Gus instead. Tell him he better do amazing or there will be a pissed off soldier coming back from deployment to kick his ass! Of coarse that's a joke........gas is expensive I'm sure Geoff would help a battle out and do it for me.
#29  Posted 7 months ago
*that moment when you realise November 2nd is a Saturday* YES! Guess who's not getting a damn thing done for 25 hours, then spending all day Sunday sleeping! THIS GUY!
#30  Posted 7 months ago
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