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Extra Life!Aloha folks,

If you’re on Rooster Teeth then you probably like games. If you like games then you probably really enjoy playing them. If you enjoy playing them – why not join us for Extra Life and challenge yourself to a 25 hour marathon? (With regular breaks of course!) We'll be streaming on November 2nd from 8am until November 3rd at 8am!

As you may know, Extra Life is a charity dedicated to helping children cope with sickness by providing them with interactive “distractions” that bring them joy and laughter. Games. In conjunction with other organizations, business’ and you, the community, Extra Life also raises money for equipment that hospital desperately need to help treat sick children.

This year, Rooster Teeth has teamed up with Extra Life to help raise money for a Children's Miracle Network hospital: Dell Children's Medical Centre of Central Texas as they are in desperate need of a Magneto-Encephalography Device (MEG).
There isn't a single MEG device in central Texas, so you can imagine the impact a machine like this will have on treating children suffering from brain tumors, epilepsy, head traumas and even autism. Keep in mind though, you can also choose a local charity when signing up if you want to help someone closer to home!

“But wait Jack, how can I, an awesome community member, help?” In so many ways, my good friend!

You can join Team Rooster Teeth and seek out donations for yourself, or you can donate directly yourself. Linking our team on Facebook and Twitter will help us achieve our goal.

For the event, Rooster Teeth will be live streaming for the entire 25 hours on the podcast set. Staff will be revolving throughout the duration of the stream, so no matter what time you check in (if you’re not with us the whole time) you’ll get to tune in and watch someone you know and love play games as terribly as we all do – unless you’re Ray. There will also be some sweet prizes as we hit our fundraising milestones!

Don’t forget to follow Extra Life on Twitter and Like them on Facebook for updates, or if you’re in Austin – Extra Life ATX. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be collaborating with Extra Life ATX so be sure to watch them for exclusive events!

If you have any questions, ask below in the comments or hit up @Caiti and she’ll be sure to answer them for you.

Thanks for all your support!
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Caiti StoryTeller
I'm going to beat you in donations and I will be #1 in helping save the children!

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#1  Posted 6 months ago
Vicky How You Doin
I can't get over how nice it is that you're doing this
#2  Posted 6 months ago
DiMono Site Admin
What's a children? You're using things that look and sound like words, but they don't make any sense!
#3  Posted 6 months ago
I'm not sure, but a Children's Miracle Network hospital is a thing. Is that what you are referring to?
#1  Posted 6 months ago
GB330033 RT SideQuest
Edit for visibility: Because it isn't in the news post, I just want to point out that Extra Life is on November 2nd.

Hooray Extra Life!

For fans in the Austin area who want to participate in Extra Life, check out RT SideQuest for Extra Life, an event being hosted by the charity group RT SideQuest and community group RvB:TX.

PM me if you want details on when/where the event is taking place so you can drop by!

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#4  Posted 6 months ago
DerekMacG Sponsor
Is there a specific game you'll be playing of will you guys rotate through the games as well?
#5  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
There will be tons of different games! Most likely, they'll have a few chosen ones to start off with, but may take community requests during the stream
#1  Posted 6 months ago
Philmnator Aphillean
I had a good bit of fun doing Extra Life last year. Think year will be even better, and plus I'm a part of the RT team on there now :)
#6  Posted 6 months ago
Wistie Mahou Shoujo
When will the 25 hour stream be?
#7  Posted 6 months ago
GB330033 RT SideQuest
November 2nd
#1  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
Starting at 8am and going to 8am the next day!
#2  Posted 6 months ago
So, I asked this on the Team RT site on extra, has anyone thought of how Team RT will talk with each other? Are we going to use Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Mumble? And are we all starting at 8am EST? Or staggered at our 8am (I happen to be in the Hawaiian time zone)?
#8  Posted 6 months ago
GB330033 RT SideQuest
Generally people start their marathon whenever they can locally. For example, the RT SideQuest team is going to start at 11am.

As for communication, you might see if RoosterSpeak (Community group based around a TeamSpeak server) has any Extra Life plans.
#1  Posted 6 months ago
How would one watch this? and will there be a recording of this? as in a post on youtube or the site or something if some people are unable to watch this great display of vdieogames?
#9  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
They will stream from the website - possibly another medium, but that will be announced closer to the date :)
#3  Posted 6 months ago
#4  Posted 6 months ago
Thanks for the heads up Jack. I might as well donate some money to a fundraiser such as this since I give some cash to the homeless around the city. Hopefully this year we can double up the proceeds like the previous years.
#10  Posted 6 months ago
MaxMarfuggi Futbol
Is the stream going to be on the RT site or youtube?
#11  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
It will be announced closer to the date :)
#1  Posted 6 months ago
MaxMarfuggi Futbol
Thank you Caiti!
#2  Posted 6 months ago
I'm somewhat ironically helping put on a 5k the same day to raise money for the children of NC Children's Hospital. Otherwise I would love to do this.
#12  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
#1  Posted 6 months ago
Will be listening/watching the whole time guys! see you there
#13  Posted 6 months ago
Ive already heard about this Awesomest idea evcery im doing a small lan party for it with a bunch of freinds Going to be fun And charitable
#14  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
That is really awesome of you to do! It's going to be awesome fun and hopefully lots of memories made for all of us watching their shenanigans!
#1  Posted 6 months ago
Ive already heard about this Awesomest idea ever im doing a small lan party for it with a bunch of freinds Going to be fun And charitable
#15  Posted 6 months ago
Good on you jack for doing this.

I have to say that is sucks that its only for america and not for Australia to it makes it harder for me to donate.

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#16  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
Roo Teeth have a team set up for this year where all proceeds go to a children's hospital in Toronto, Canada. That specific hospital is one of only three that provide urgent medical treatment to Australian children with cancer who can't receive their specific necessary treatments in Austr...
#3  Posted 6 months ago
That is even better thanks caiti
#4  Posted 6 months ago
Got my Extra Life page set up not long after the original announcement. Figured since I have a decent YouTube audience, I'd do what I could. My viewers have surprised me with their generosity and blown my original goal out of the water. Never thought making dumb game videos would have that much of an impact. I think I'm third or fourth on the RT Team, which I never expected.

I promote the page and ask for donations every time I do a live stream (every week or so) and I'm planning on streaming for a sizable chunk of time on November 2nd. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...though that may just be the drugs.
#17  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
Very cool, mate! Hopefully you can join in for some gaming :)
#1  Posted 6 months ago
Gamerdw Nerd
I'll be playing with you on the 2nd. See you then.
#18  Posted 6 months ago
MsJorable InterNERD
I always loved it when YouTubers would do these kind of streams because it is such and amazing thing and it is for charity. It sounds like it will be fun and I will see if I can dig up some money to donate.
#19  Posted 6 months ago
KlintAbston Sponsor
I am currently trying to rally support from all the serves on Guild Wars 2 for this. Have post up in the GW2 Subreddit , GW2 official forums, of course the RT PC gaming forum. I hope to have at least 20 people from every server and with a player base of well over 200,000 at any given time it shouldnt be that hard. I have also reached out to the biggest GW2 Youtubers as well. Thank you Jack for having this on the main page.
#20  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
That's awesome!
#1  Posted 6 months ago
KVonDee RTX Guardian
Ok done and done...even though I won't be able to do the full 25 hours like i want to (damn you job & bills) it's great that we can do this and play with a revolving team of RT staff.

Do you know what games we will be playing by any chance?
#21  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
What ever is in the AH office! Definitely some Halo and GTAV
#1  Posted 6 months ago
KVonDee RTX Guardian
oh god failing as a space marine and then as a gangster....finally I can show RT to how fail...with style :P
#2  Posted 6 months ago
Griffem Sir Dinosaur
I wish I could but I have exams, so I'll just donate instead.
#22  Posted 6 months ago
GAMERS UNITE! TIME TO HELP KIDS!!!!! *rainbow power*
#23  Posted 6 months ago
FateAssassin Top Mong
i will assume it'll be streamed on the site but will it be streamed elsewhere as well? i only ask because i can only get a lagging stream on the site
#24  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
It will be announced closer to the date.
#1  Posted 6 months ago
Im down :D
#25  Posted 6 months ago
bladeslayer Sponsor
i wont be able to donate for a while but in about a month i will try to donate $20... im sorry i cant donate sooner. i know it isnt much but its all i can offer i shouldn't even be a sponsor my friend payed for me

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#26  Posted 6 months ago
Id obviously love to help out and join i just dont know if theres like a time defference sence i am on the west coast so it be at 8 AM here as well or i just need to know that its on the second to third in november? In i may help out just have abit of shyness is all loll
#27  Posted 6 months ago
Caiti StoryTeller
A few games will be listed pre-stream (like halo, GTA, etc.), but for the most part, it'll be what ever they pick up :)
#3  Posted 6 months ago
Well i know i got halo lol so id possibly be able to join then but anyothers idk lol in ill be sure to be buy a gta5 by then hopefully or rent it lol
#4  Posted 6 months ago
i like games
#28  Posted 6 months ago
revolg Sponsor
Pimping my own donation page if you live near the Lansing Mi area I'm raising money for Sparrow Hospital.
#29  Posted 6 months ago
Playing games and helping a charity what an amazing combination
#30  Posted 6 months ago
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