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RvB11 - Episode 18 - I <3 NicoHOOOOOLY COW.

Episode 18 of RvB11 involved the most complicated machinima I've ever done for Red vs. Blue, and I couldn't have done it without Kyle Taylor and Steve Cunningham. It's an episode I'm incredibly proud of.

But this episode would have fallen flat were it not for the talents of my good friend, Nico Audy-Rowland. Nico has provided all of the music for Season 11, and I've been digging every second of it. The low guitar and eerie drone for Locus, the lackadaisical rock for Freckles, and of course, the new opening theme (god I love that whistle).

But Episode 18 was a new beast altogether. When we shot the episode, we only had a few weeks left before we had to be wrapped for DVD distribution. The scary part was, we filmed 18 BEFORE we filmed episodes 12-19. See, with such little time to shoot, I figured we should get the CRAZY-HUGE episode out of the way before we had all burnt out. However, I also wanted something else...

...I wanted to give Nico time to SCORE THE ENTIRE EPISODE. HELLS YES.

After days of emails and phone calls, we finally had music for the episode, and when I heard it, no matter what I did, I could not wipe the smile off my face.

So here's to you, Nico.

Thank you for the years of work you've put into your art. Thank you for all the talks and jam sessions we've had together. Thank you for Trocadero.

And thank you for all the songs you've yet to sing.
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DarkKrad14 WILT
Love you @nico! You're amazing
#1  Posted 5 months ago
DomBailey Loma Loma
Episode 18 was the best episode of the season... so far :)
#2  Posted 5 months ago
SailorGirl81 Polymath
That was one KILLER machinima action sequence!
#3  Posted 5 months ago
Arathall Gormandizer
You both totally rocked it this episode. Fan-fucking-tastic job! My hat off to you both!

#4  Posted 5 months ago
The_shooter3 Sponsor
Nico is awesome and the music him and Trocadero make is great I've been loving season 11 especially the music and episode 18 was no exception great job to you too Miles and the entrie RvB team!
#5  Posted 5 months ago
It truly was an amazing episode!
#6  Posted 5 months ago
BuckeyeDon Thanks
All of the music was great, and it was cool to hear Tucker's Bad-assery Theme as he went into action.
#7  Posted 5 months ago
BuckeyeDon Thanks
And I love how Tucker's training was paralleled in this episode.

By the way... how did Wash know to prepare Tucker for just such a scenario?
#1  Posted 5 months ago
Miles. I have to say while season 10 was kind of sappy and I did love it. But this season is so AWESOME! Good Job!
#8  Posted 5 months ago
episode 18 was one of the best episodes of RvB ive ever seen
#9  Posted 5 months ago
Yes. So so much agree!
#1  Posted 5 months ago
njm118 Khaleesi
Episode 18 is AMAZING and the music no doubt pulls it all together. And by amazing I mean GODDAMMIT MILES but also PLEASE WRITE NEXT SEASON TOO. The emotional roller coaster that this episode was had me shouting (well, internally because I was at work) NO WHY IS MILES SO GOOD AT THIS
#10  Posted 5 months ago
Griffem Sir Dinosaur
Great job to both of you. @nico the music can be what makes a scene and you can make a scene, and @Miles like what others have said I love and hate you so much right now but I am really happy with how you are writing rvb. You both are amazing
#11  Posted 5 months ago
Clumsey This Loser
Episode 18 was fan-fucking-tastic. Both the music and the writing for it was awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next! Both of you guys keep up with the amazing work ;D
#12  Posted 5 months ago
Red420 Guardian2013
Seriously dude you make me sick.

Sick enough to call in work tomorrow and watch this episode again and again.
#13  Posted 5 months ago
Forgive me. I'm still mourning for Lopez's body. It was a grand 30 seconds!
#14  Posted 5 months ago
Tristan T Booty
This season is so intense! And the machinima for that episode looked so crazy, I can't believe how difficult that must've been. You're doing a great job with it, @burnie made a great decision handing it over to you
#15  Posted 5 months ago
This entire season has been fantastic with each episode an absolute work of art. Thank you so much for this!
#16  Posted 5 months ago
I loved this episode just hoping that Wash and Sarge aren't dead...I doubt it anyway awesome job luv ya! :D
#17  Posted 5 months ago
For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow,
For he's a jolly good fellooooooooooooooooooooooooow (pause),
Which nobody can deny!

@Miles @Kyle @Disz. That was a really great episode. It'll be great to see the cliffhanger this season leaves us with. Specifically for Miles, are you writing this season or only directing?
#18  Posted 5 months ago
sparchief117 RTX Guardian
AMAZING job to everyone on that episode Miles! I can not wait to see what happens to Wash. You are not disappointing anyone in this season. I hope to meet and chat with you at the next RTX or sooner.
#19  Posted 5 months ago
Ghrelt Blue
You had me cheering out loud for Tucker and Donut's badass scenes, and yelling Wash's name when he got shot.

That was one awesome episode.

I can't wait for next week's episode but I'm already depressed at how long I have to wait for the one after that.
#20  Posted 5 months ago
Disz The Captain
@Nico was amazing. I was in awe with all the stuff he kept sending us while working on the episodes for RvB 11.
#21  Posted 5 months ago
fansince2010 Go Jets Go
Everything about the episode was perfect. You guys are right to feel proud.
#22  Posted 5 months ago
SickSlickMan Movie Guy
Four for you, Nico. Good job, dude :D
#23  Posted 5 months ago
Stefantababy Sponsor
Awesome episode. Also like the headlight fluid on basebook
#24  Posted 5 months ago
Awesome job @Miles @Nico And hell all of roosterteeth! been watching rvb since season 2.5 (halfway through 2) Keep up the great work I'm sure you won't disapoint!
#25  Posted 5 months ago
Ragsy Sponsor
You guys did a kick ass job on the season!!!!!!!!!
#26  Posted 5 months ago
A lot of work was put into that episode. Great job!
#27  Posted 5 months ago
ksosay awesomeness
Fantastic episode! I don't know what to say. It was kickass beyond awesomeness. Great job guys!
#28  Posted 5 months ago
zpletan Sponsor
If I may compliment so boldly, your music is like Halo's—I didn't consciously notice it until my second or third play/watch through, but I would have known it as soon as I heard it even before. It makes the series that much better.
#29  Posted 5 months ago
Skeletow foundbigfoot
Congrats! That is an amazing episode!

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#30  Posted 5 months ago
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