The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet Scavenger HuntTo celebrate the finale of The Gauntlet Season 2, we're holding a scavenger hunt/quiz!
We have 15 questions based on all 8 Episodes of the Season, and we'll be picking a few winners to receive $50 to the RT Store! (winners picked at random out of everyone who gets all 15 questions correct)

Make sure you've watched every episode (including tonight's finale) before starting, as there might be spoilers!
Click here to begin!

--Contest will be open until Wednesday, November 27th--

Good luck!
4 months ago  |  Comments (60)
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forecep The Chemist
fuck, I hit enter after answering question 1 and submitted my answers
#1  Posted 4 months ago
forecep The Chemist
thank you for doing that Adam
#5  Posted 4 months ago
LWJM Joe the Cat
This season was fantastic, loved everyone in it. Roll on Season 3!
#2  Posted 4 months ago
sweenster98 AH Wannabe
there is a typo in question #11, the game you are talking about is street fighter not mortal kombat
#3  Posted 4 months ago
#1  Posted 4 months ago
SemiAutoKnif Sponsor
Good luck to everyone. Maybe I shouldn't be more stressed about this quiz than I am about my finals.
#4  Posted 4 months ago
AdamTheRevJr Sponsor
Just submitted. Loved the season, huge improvement over the first which was solid also. A lot of fun
#5  Posted 4 months ago
NinjaPups Aprils Dawn
fuck it..I'll just spend $50 at the store I'm too lazy to go back and re watch all the episodes where i've forgotten stuff! xD
#6  Posted 4 months ago
usblaze Assassin
Entered my answers....fingers crossed!
#7  Posted 4 months ago
usblaze Assassin
Your kidding me right? Seriously -.-
#1  Posted 4 months ago
zuzik007 Sponsor
There is a mistake in the question 'What color headband does Cory pick for Ryu in Mortal Kombat? ' :) It should be Street Fighter
#8  Posted 4 months ago
mikesaby I aint care
I think I got them all. Had to back and look through a couple videos. Hopefully I get it!
#9  Posted 4 months ago
TheBingBong Cheeky Chap
Just finished, here's hoping it was all correct! Here's to season 3!
#10  Posted 4 months ago
angellos1987 Sponsor
done and done, thanks for the awesome season and cool chance to win prizes!

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#11  Posted 4 months ago
Spock Hitchhiker
Well that was fun, fingers crossed :)
#12  Posted 4 months ago
scottster246 Angels lad
So when you save does that mean it's been submitted?
#13  Posted 4 months ago
zuzik007 Sponsor
So I clicked 'save' and it just refreshed the page for me? Don't have any confirmation if it really submitted. Is it done, or is there something wrong?
#14  Posted 4 months ago
Shadow_Hound Gone Fishing
They added that in. Originally that didn't pop up.
#6  Posted 4 months ago
scottster246 Angels lad
Then I'm not just stupid, that's good
#7  Posted 4 months ago
The_shooter3 Sponsor
Just submitted my answers, hoping I win though I know everyone is hoping for that. Even if I don't win I am still happy that I watched The Gauntlet because it was hilarious, still wish Miles or Barbara had won though.
#15  Posted 4 months ago
PhnxRising Magnifico
Same question as a few people already: Hit 'save' after I'm finished, and it refreshes the page, but keeps my answers. Is it still submitted, or is it a loopback?
#16  Posted 4 months ago
DetectDuggan GlassBreaker
This was a good excuse to go back and watch my favorite moments.
#17  Posted 4 months ago
Done, but not sure I cba waiting to see if I win. Just gonna go buy stuff seeing as it's 10% off
#18  Posted 4 months ago
asporkthief Loser
Is there a specific spelling that you need to get the answer right? like, for example, if we use a username instead of real name (like ijustine instead of justine, gameovergreggy instead of greg miller) does that still count as correct? sorry if this is like really weird i wanna be sure i don't not win the merch money because im dumb and use usernames
#19  Posted 4 months ago
As long as we know what you're trying to say, it's fine.
#1  Posted 4 months ago
Phew good, I was starting to get very technical with my answers making sure there wasn't a single typo lol. Glad to hear it's reasonable.
#2  Posted 4 months ago
Arbalesk N3RDL0RD
Finished! I feel like a pro. Off to play BlOPs with Cars. XD
#20  Posted 4 months ago
That was a fun scavenger hunt congrats to anyone who wins
#21  Posted 4 months ago
Just curious, will the winners be chosen on the day this contest ends? I know this wont even get answered or noticed but I still asked and that helps me sleep better at night.
#1  Posted 4 months ago
Shadow_Hound Gone Fishing
Done! Thanks for the awesome hunt! Can't wit until next season of the GumpStump!
#22  Posted 4 months ago
Cheyza NIghtDriver
OMG! There's a TEsT???

#23  Posted 4 months ago
WildLemon Weirdo
Hope I got everything right! ^^
#24  Posted 4 months ago
ryman3000 SQ Spectre
So what if we put "Burnie Burns" for everything.. do we automatically win everything in the store? Forever?
#25  Posted 4 months ago
Shadow_Hound Gone Fishing
Oh well. I'm totally fine with that.
#3  Posted 4 months ago
ryman3000 SQ Spectre
Oh man, I stink. You should've seen me at RTX trying out. I was wondering why everyone was going for the lowest score and was so proud that I was doing so well... until I discovered that the counter was the time and not a score.
#4  Posted 4 months ago
Smokerjoker The Jester
So I just finished the Scavenger Hunt and I clicked save, am I done or is there a submit option I'm not seeing?
#26  Posted 4 months ago
how do u submit ur answers do u hit save or what?
#27  Posted 4 months ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
I think. I'm not to sure on it myself but there isn't any other options so...
#1  Posted 4 months ago
manage to submit mines, hope ill get to win on this scavenger hunt :). Thx rooster teeth!!
#28  Posted 4 months ago
Still trying to find what Justine says RT's base smells like.
#29  Posted 4 months ago
Eh, there were 30 minutes left until the 27th when I posted that comment, so I figured that if he hadn't gotten it by himself, then he could use some help.
#16  Posted 4 months ago
RomanHeretic Torchwick
yeah but the less who have it right means the less in the raffle.
#17  Posted 4 months ago
AmericaTier Teaser
Yeah, is clicking save the same as submitting? Or is the page just defective on Firefox? I'm so confused
#30  Posted 4 months ago
I dont see a 'Submit' and I am on Chrome.
#1  Posted 4 months ago
mironricardo Best Sponsor
same with internet explorer.
#2  Posted 4 months ago
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