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A preview of things to come...This may or may not be part of the new Rooster Teeth website we're making.

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Yes Ben son! Looking forward to this new layout!
#1  Posted 4 months ago
drew Splunge
eh, I only post sporatically on the forums, so I doubt I'll be bothered by it too much? ...and yeah, speaking of site updates and bots, they sure did pick a good cast member's profile to attack lol XP
#5  Posted 4 months ago
Fuck off!
#6  Posted 4 months ago
SpartanAsh IMU Collab
Looks awesome! Can't wait to see the full site! Great work!
#2  Posted 4 months ago
drew Splunge
then I like it......maybe. >.>

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#3  Posted 4 months ago
Daneja2002 On HighHorse
Yo Epic, what was that you were saying about bots? ^^
#2  Posted 4 months ago
drew Splunge
haha.....over a week ago too. I guess they're leaving this one for me to keep as a pet? XD

.....I shall name him George.
#3  Posted 4 months ago
J3ST3R31 Shinnester
Gah the tease is killing me!
#4  Posted 4 months ago
I need this right now!
#5  Posted 4 months ago
Armor3dXombi MunchieKeepr
My body is ready for this.
#6  Posted 4 months ago
Zanka PSV and FIFA
Looks great! Cant wait for the finished product, any idea when it's all ready :)?
#7  Posted 4 months ago
NateDiesel Sponsor
I think they said before the end of the year....
#1  Posted 4 months ago
arkmuntasser Sponsor
Nice and clean. I dig it.
#8  Posted 4 months ago
IceCold138 Hi Im Tyler
I don't like it....
#9  Posted 4 months ago
IceCold138 Hi Im Tyler
I love it!!!!!
#10  Posted 4 months ago
IceCold138 Hi Im Tyler
LOL thank you for noticing.....I'm just trolling the trolls i think?
#2  Posted 4 months ago
Justifiably so, yes. ;)
#3  Posted 4 months ago
washyboy East Wind
looks sharp, can't wait for it to go live! any official timeframe yet? I don't remember seeing one, so apologies if I just missed it somehow.
#11  Posted 4 months ago
Left_2_R0t Canon Fodder
Will there be a Marathon option as well? Would be nice...
#12  Posted 4 months ago
Left_2_R0t Canon Fodder
Somewhat... Marathon would be similar to "Watch as a Movie" option as seen on the DVDs.
#2  Posted 4 months ago
washyboy East Wind
sort of an automatic season long playlist right? the ability to build your own playlist would probably give you what you're looking for while also being of more general use as well. Thats my personally biggest feature request for the site.
#3  Posted 4 months ago
Gmz1023 1M1P PTP
Looks amazing!
#13  Posted 4 months ago
it looks awesome
#14  Posted 4 months ago
Awesome design!
#15  Posted 4 months ago
looks really good and appealing nice one!! :D
#16  Posted 4 months ago
mrtolnic The baby
Looks a little lackluster
#17  Posted 4 months ago
slightfatigu with an e
Looks great Ben, really looking forward to it.
#18  Posted 4 months ago
LeeFosterr Sponsor
This needs to be released soon!
#19  Posted 4 months ago
Really like the lay out!!
#20  Posted 4 months ago
SickSlickMan Movie Guy
Certainly looks more convenient XD can't wait to see it. I assume every series is going to have a layout like this one?
#21  Posted 4 months ago
justinschwab Sponsor
I am thinking that it is not part of the new site. Just a feeling.
#22  Posted 4 months ago
Metasponge Girouxsalem
Look sharp!
#23  Posted 4 months ago
fathercory89 Nerd
I can has?
#24  Posted 4 months ago
LoZelda RTX Guardian
Well holy shit balls. That's going to be awesome.
#25  Posted 4 months ago
HyperShot12 Sponsor
Oh. God. Yes.
#26  Posted 4 months ago
TheFoxxmann Shout Out
That looks awesome :D
#27  Posted 4 months ago
JamieKenny Sponsor
Matt, hire support for him so we can get this out faster
#28  Posted 4 months ago
CodexRising On The Rise
Can't wait!
#29  Posted 4 months ago
Damn, the sites looking good, Ben did i great a job
#30  Posted 4 months ago
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