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UK RT Store: Update & FAQ'Allo, chaps!
It's been a few days since we told you about the UK RT Store coming, and I wanted to give you an update.

When will this online store be open?
We are trying to get the online UK Store open by end-of-day Friday, but if not, the latest it will open is Monday, December 9th. There are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together for us to open, so we apologize for the delay. Ideally, we'd be perfecting everything and opening later in the year, but we wanted to make sure we got it open in time for you all to buy your Christmas presents.

What will you have in stock?
We will not have all the merchandise the International RT Store has quite yet- ESPECIALLY brand new products, since it will take some time to get all the stock we need. As for what we will have; there are a ton of AH, RT and RWBY products to choose from, including many fan favourites.

What about DVDs/BluRays and CDs?
Sadly we will NOT have any DVDs or CDs available for sale in this store. We currently don't have the proper permissions, as there are certain regulations in place when selling this type of media in the UK. We are hoping to remedy this as soon as we can. If you really can't wait for one of our DVDs, I suggest buying it from our International RT Store (AKA the US RT Store), as all our movies are Region Free.

Will there be any special sales or items?
To celebrate, we're going to be selling a limited amount of Grifball Plushies and will be offering a 10% discount for a week. We will keep you posted on what the code will be once we open.

Where will the UK Store Ship to?
The UK RT Store will ship to all of Europe (including all Scandinavian Countries).

Our UK Fan base has always been so amazing to us, and we wish we could have done this sooner. We are so happy to finally be able to offer you guys a way to get RT Merch, and to thank you for the love and support you've been giving us for over 10 years.

Much love from the whole RT Team!

Stay tuned for future updates.
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Stuart Com 1 on 1
Thank you once again for this awesome gift upon the holiday season. With the 10% discount I plan on grabbing a few Grifballs and sending them to a few friends on the site
#1  Posted 4 months ago
LenexLfc Scouser
Thank god I waited on that Grifball plushie then :)
#2  Posted 4 months ago
thank you :), now i can buy some shit :) <3
#3  Posted 4 months ago
The_shooter3 Sponsor
I'm not even in Europe and I'm happy to hear that the UK store will be open soon. Every RT fan should be able to get the awesome stuff you guys sell.
#4  Posted 4 months ago
WeeMan1311 Rosnops
Awesome news
#5  Posted 4 months ago
Dutchface Sponsorface
Sad news about DVDs atm but at least it's something that will happen :) top news guys. Looking forward to spending money I don't have some point before Monday :)
#6  Posted 4 months ago
monkeybean13 Sponsor
5 Days until I order myself a grifball.....i cant F*cking wait
#7  Posted 4 months ago
StalidAutumn Chronicler
Awesome! Thanks RT, you're the best
#8  Posted 4 months ago
PumaMowdown Sci Fi Bear
Good to hear, been waiting for this.
#9  Posted 4 months ago
Is there going to be an option to pay with iDeal?
#10  Posted 4 months ago
boosher Shiny hobbit
i wasnt aware that the dvd's were region free i would of ordered them ages ago :O
#11  Posted 4 months ago
At Last I won't have the agonising wait for Quality merchandise :)
#12  Posted 4 months ago
Zoniako Sponsor
This is greats seeing that I live in Portugal and I won't need to pay customs and shit.
#13  Posted 4 months ago
petermann twat
My wardrobe is literally going to consist of nothing but RT/AH merch, I may need to cut up my bank card and cancel my PayPal account.
#14  Posted 4 months ago
beckergee Sponsor
BEST NEWS (gutted about the dvd's though)
#15  Posted 4 months ago
PrimusXI Sponsor
i know they're new but it would be awesome if the ah and rt scalf were in the store!
#16  Posted 4 months ago
Looking forward to owning me a Grifball!
#17  Posted 4 months ago
Perfect news, not for my bank balance though, Goodbye student loan!
#18  Posted 4 months ago
tilsarah Sponsor
I can finally buy a t-shirt! Can't wait!
#19  Posted 4 months ago
NillaCoke Sponsor
Yay, I'll be able to buy stuff without the cost of customs :D
#20  Posted 4 months ago
*Prays that the achievement hunter hoodie is one of the available items*

If not then yay for grifball plushie
#21  Posted 4 months ago
This is great news, any idea when the DVDs will become available? For now i guess i'll have to buy all the shirts while i wait
#22  Posted 4 months ago
Going to get myself so many pieces of RT merch for christmas! haha :D
#23  Posted 4 months ago
someredhead Nah bro
Yay, I can finally buy my merch without having to pay so much! Can't wait to get my Grifball asap.
#24  Posted 4 months ago
jazzish Sponsor
SO happy it's going to ship to the rest of Europe too, thanks guys!
#25  Posted 4 months ago
WHY RT WHY?! I get paid Friday and I can sooo see that £500 going in an instant D: But YAY for UK Store = Less Hassle :D
#26  Posted 4 months ago
grifball plushie's ahhhhh so buying one :P cant wait for the uk store to open :P
#27  Posted 4 months ago
How very spiffing! :3
#28  Posted 4 months ago
DaftTom Sponsor
Can't wait! Thanks for helping us Brits out! (And everyone else in Europe!)
#29  Posted 4 months ago
This is the best news, just in time for Christmas ;D
#30  Posted 4 months ago
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