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Happy Valentine's Day from RWBY!Hey everyone!

We here on the RWBY crew would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day.
And with that, we have created some V-Day cards for your precious little faces.

Enjoy, and have a happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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NobleYork NobleYork
haha I can relate to the Juane one,these are all fantastic
#1  Posted 2 months ago
OwenGBR Sponsor
love them all. if only I had some one to shear them with
#2  Posted 2 months ago
um4dbro210 RWBY
don't we all
#1  Posted 2 months ago
keggith Sponsor 420
You must be from New Zealand
#2  Posted 2 months ago
HarryHighDef Was Buried
Juane wins
#3  Posted 2 months ago
These are great!!!
#4  Posted 2 months ago
Clumsey This Loser
I'm printing all of these and my friends are going to be getting a RWBY filled Valentines Day
#5  Posted 2 months ago
No Ozpin or Glynda? But these are all amazing <3
#6  Posted 2 months ago
Ozpin's would probably be something like a picture of him drinking coffee with "Happy Valentine's Day" on the side.
#1  Posted 2 months ago
SickSlickMan Movie Guy
It's even better that I hear all their voices while I read these XD
#7  Posted 2 months ago
PaulHikari Dreamer
Oh, yeah. Awexome sauze when that happens.
#1  Posted 2 months ago
Djmasterwolf Sponsor
HA HA that Ren one has me ROTF!! LML
#8  Posted 2 months ago
I lost it at Blakes. this is amazing.
#9  Posted 2 months ago
#1  Posted 2 months ago
Leo_B The Turtle
These Valentines Day cards are awesome and funny. I like them all.
#10  Posted 2 months ago
All of them are fantastic, especially Blake and Jaune.
#11  Posted 2 months ago
Haha these are fantastic! The Yang one <3
#12  Posted 2 months ago
WingZero8 Sponsor
Love them all, but Ruby and Nora are my favorites.
#13  Posted 2 months ago
DrewMochiuti Mask o Chaos
These are perfect in every way!
#14  Posted 2 months ago
amazing cards i'm sad i cant use them eventhough they're this awsome!
#15  Posted 2 months ago
#16  Posted 2 months ago
some of these sound a bit like barb >.>
#17  Posted 2 months ago
AemaethZQ SoulFire
Oh my goodness Patrick these are PERFECT
#18  Posted 2 months ago
Cheshire_Cat blithe
well, these are just the most adorable thing I've seen for Valentine's day.

#19  Posted 2 months ago
LauraChwan Sponsor
So much love for all of these right now. I'm going to give them to my friends. ♥
#20  Posted 2 months ago
Ahh these are amazing. I can't decide which is my favorite. I think Ren just barely edges out Jaune for attitude. I do know that I'm going to have to print some of these for my friends...
#21  Posted 2 months ago
These are great. Jaune is so smooth, haha
#22  Posted 2 months ago
annyanimous Actual Fairy
Ahh the only Valentine's Day cards I'll ever need
#23  Posted 2 months ago
Fucking awesome!!! :D
#24  Posted 2 months ago
These are BRILLIANT! I'm going to print these on cardstock and spread some love!
#25  Posted 2 months ago
urbaninja Sponsor
These are adorable
#26  Posted 2 months ago
ThanhnuFia Sponsor
#27  Posted 2 months ago
Most adorable card ever =)
#1  Posted 2 months ago
Nothing like a good tsundere :D
#2  Posted 2 months ago
sun though!
#28  Posted 2 months ago
Blake Omg, be mine <3 __ <3
#29  Posted 2 months ago
these are the best
#30  Posted 2 months ago
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