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Achievement Hunter HoodieThe official Achievement Hunter Hoodie just went live in our online store. Now we can survive the winter. Suck on that Jamestown!

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currycrew9 Cool Guy
#91  Posted 1 year ago
kaylacka1230 IMMA SPONSA
#92  Posted 1 year ago
How come the older Michael gets the more baby faced he gets?
#93  Posted 1 year ago
i've never seen michael so.. unangry.. ?
these are super nice..
#94  Posted 1 year ago
sarabia Sponsor
Gingers... Gingers everywhere
#95  Posted 1 year ago
Ugly_27 Sponsor
One word: AWESOME
#96  Posted 1 year ago
dude i wish i looked cool. and now i can with this jacket
#97  Posted 1 year ago
Lindsay is looking very seductive in that picture, haha
#98  Posted 1 year ago
what a cute couple. i really wish i could afford shipping on a sweater, they look so cool!
#99  Posted 1 year ago
Is it me or does Lindsay keep looking cuter and sexier everytime you see her? The hoodie only emphasizes on her already delightful eyes. And michael looks so strappin also.
#100  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
they are definitely cool but here in canada we wouldn`t survive no winters with them
#101  Posted 1 year ago
Arlla Sponsor
How can Michael be so full of rage when he's so freaking adorable?
#102  Posted 1 year ago
Huh, I think wheni officially get my machinima series good and running, i might have to puut a weekly recap and a set of accessories to go with it. My grandma still can make some pretty cool clothing.
#103  Posted 1 year ago
Fredster33 Sponsor
Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... Michael and Lindsay look so cute :)
#104  Posted 1 year ago
Does Michael come with it? In that case i'll take two please!
#105  Posted 1 year ago
Philmnator Aphillean
it's gonna get cold[er] where I live in about 3 months... (maybe 2)

best start investing in a new hoodie :]
#106  Posted 1 year ago
Raumo Sponsor
Yet another thing I don't really need, but really really want
#107  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Ditto
I took this picture of Michael and Lindsay at RTX 2012.
#108  Posted 1 year ago  |  + 1 Cool
DonutxDude Scottish
Gotta bag myself one of them! You better ship that globally!

Gotta say also, you two look like bawses!
#109  Posted 1 year ago
RedTestament Insert title
If I didn't live the in lovely hot and humid weather of the South I'd get it. I mean I love me some cold weather and we don't get much where I live. I've got hoodies just going to waste.
#110  Posted 1 year ago
We need a mod button for AWWWWWWWW!
#111  Posted 1 year ago
Aww such a cute couple
#112  Posted 1 year ago
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#113  Posted 1 year ago
Michael almost looks domesticated ..... almost.
#114  Posted 1 year ago
DominoRBG Sponsor
I live near Jamestown, looks like I need to get one.
#115  Posted 1 year ago
I must say, Michael and Lindsay certainly make a cute couple. Especially when they're wearing matching outfits. ^_^
#116  Posted 1 year ago
i want it, can you get it in england
#117  Posted 1 year ago
I live in the Midwest, so I'm definitely in the mood to get a new hoodie for the upcoming fall weather. Consider it purchased!
#118  Posted 1 year ago
i got one for the school year
#119  Posted 1 year ago
Michael's definitely Jersey shore, just look at his swag.
#120  Posted 1 year ago
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